Thursday, March 15, 2007

This has been such a fun week!! The weather has been absolutely GLORIOUS!! On Tuesday we went to singing time and TARGET. Keslie loves singing time. She's got the moves and danged if she's not going to show them off! I love going to Target when I HAVE to buy things. I really think it's fun to buy deoderant and diapers and q-tips. AND of course, I HAD to buy THE HOLIDAY. Such a cute movie! Anyway - after naps we whipped out our new bubble blower and went OUTSIDE!! YAY! The girls loved catching bubbles and running around. I tried to get a bunch of pictures but only a few turned out cute. They were much to busy to hold still and smile! Then that night I went over to my friend JJ's and we watched The Holiday and ate caramel corn. =)
On Wednesday we walked with some friends to the Science Center. We loved that! It's just nice to be able to be outside! Today we all dressed in sunny colors! Anika wore spring green, Kes wore BRIGHT yellow and I was in orange. We had a children's book playgroup today. The focus was on BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR WHAT DO YOU SEE? The kids LOVED it!
Here are some pictures of the girls playing outside and one of Keslie in her yellow shirt:

Anika does and says so many things I want to remember! Today she was in the livingroom doing her crazy giggle (like the one on the happy birthday video) and then she said "I have tickle bumps!" I think she meant goosebumps!
Today I was showing her some pictures that my mom sent and she said "OH! There's Papa and Brownie!!" It was actually a picture of my dad and GRAMMY! Anyway, I thought Grammy would get a kick out of that one!

Keslie is getting really good at saying sorry and then giving a hug. I don't know if that's a good thing though!! This means that she is getting really good at DOING things that make her have to say sorry! She is all of the sudden quite the little hitter! Hopefully we can put a stop to that before she is in nursery!

Well - I'm off to dreamland! I love dreaming. It's like watching a movie all night long! Tomorrow is going to be hectic. I am watching kids galore. Anika will be in heaven! See ya!

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