Monday, March 12, 2007


* I was 100% sure I had appendicitis for about an hour this morning.
* As a result of this, I dropped Nathan off at school. I was sure I was going to have to go to the ER. =)
* I woke up my mom in Idaho @ 6:00 AM to talk to her about my symptoms. She talked me out of my panic. Thanks mom!
* So - YAY - I'm not in the hospital!! Instead I went to Burlington Coat Factory. I had a bone to pick with them - plus I wanted to look at Easter dresses for the girls.
* The weather was AMAZING!! We rolled down the windows in the car! It was GLORIOUS!!
* I broke out my BACKSTREET BOYS MILLENIUM CD - and my girlfriends (Anika and Keslie) and I danced like crazy! Seriously, the girls were really getting into it. So was I! Oh - I do love the Backstreet Boys. =)
* I talked my sister, Brittney, into setting up her own blog. Welcome to the blogging world Britt!!
* I got to watch 24. Is it me or is this season just inching along? Don't get me wrong! I love it - I just wish they would pick up the pace!!

Anyway,I know!! Pretty lame day! But it was a nice one for us! Beautiful weather, healthy kids, an in-tact appendix. Who could ask for more? =)

Here is some footage of Kes saying some of her words. I know - there's chocolate on her face! She's a cutie though!


Susan said...

Keslie is so cute! She can say so many words! And so clearly too. How old is she now? You have such a darling family. How does Nathan enjoy being the only man around? ;)

Jenny said...

brittanie, she is so cute! she speaks so well too.

Summers Camp said...

My first time posting! Yay! Just wanted to let you know that I too have that CD *blush* and I too enjoy it, at times *double-blush* !!! I may have to dust it off and bust out some moves with Will; he's sure to LOVE it!

PS- you have a sister, with your same name, but a different spelling???

Brittney said...

Hey Girl Keslie is so flippin cute!!! I wish Brayton could play with her. Some day huh?!!! well i will talk to you later.