Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jennaloo's Baby Shower

Hey all! I've got some pictures to post! My friend Jenn T. had a baby boy a month ago and he is absolutely adorable! Anyway - they wanted the sex to be a surprise, so we waited until after he was born to have the baby shower. It was so fun! I love having people over and I just love all of these fabulous women. I'm so proud that I actually remembered to take pictures at this shower! I always forget and it makes me so sad afterwards!! I regret to say that I missed a couple cute faces that slipped out early and I definitely didn't take as many as I would have liked - but hey! I'm making progress! So, here they are:

Here she is!! The fabulous Jennaloo! That's her nickname given by yours truly. I just know it brings joy to her heart everytime she hears it. =)

AND - here I am snuggling her sweet baby boy - Haydn. This is the best thing about doing showers after the baby is born! It was so fun to love on him!! Anika is looking on, begging for a turn.

Finally!! Her turn and she was done after about two seconds! =)

We had a crazy arm wrestling tournament between Jenn (nickname=Jennalen) and April. This was meant to be a tie breaker - but it ended up being a draw because they are both so strong. Would ya check out those mucsles?!!

From left to right - Three of my favorite people - Amanda, Natalie, and Sumer.

Gorgeous June and her new baby Coltin.

Andrea - 8 months pregnant and just cute as can be (as always)!

Relaxin' and chattin'. Left to right: Half of Jennalen =, Rachel, Avelina, Emma, and Kelly.

Darling picture of Kelly, Jenn, Nancy, and April.

I LOVE these girls! Natalie, Jennaloo, Me, and April.

Congratulations Jenn! She is such an wonderful mommy!

How lucky am I to be surrounded by such amazing women?


Susan said...

I feel the same way about my friends! It's so great to have great girls to spend your time with and learn from... especially being at the young mommy stage of life, it's so important to have good examples to surround you. :)

Cam and Afton West said...

We've missed all the fun posting this week! The shower looked fun....way nice of you to be the hostess!

Mindy P. said...

Oh my gosh!!! It's so fun to see pics of everyone. I didn't know Andrea was pregnant. Tell her congrats! Tell all hello from me. Miss you guys.

Q & A said...

I'm with Mindy. It's super fun to see pictures of all our dear friends. It sure makes me miss that awesome ward! You guys are having another little baby boom. Tell Jenn Congrats on little Haydn.

The Coopers said...

Thanks for letting me crash the party while we were up visiting. It was SO fun to see everyone. We sure miss you all!