Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ode to my stroller...and Forrest Gump

Hi all! I know! I'm on a roll with posting this week! I just HAD to give my stroller a big hurrah! When I was pregnant with Keslie I looked long and hard for the perfect stroller so when I found my sit and stand stroller I was thrilled!! It's not as long as most and it's so lightweight and easy to steer. Anyway - today just reconfirmed that I made the right choice. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go on a walk with the girls. I have 3 girls on Thursday mornings so we bundled up and headed downstairs. I put Marri in the front seat and then Keslie climbed onto the bench seat facing forward with her feet in the basket and Anika stood on the step leaning against the strap. I wish I had gotten a picture - it was so cute! My stroller is AWESOME. I'm so excited that it works so well with 3 kids!! YAY!
Anyway - we set off for our walk. I was going to just go around the block but the girls were loving it so much that I decided to walk up to CVS pharmacy and by the time I got there I had talked myself into walking to Wendy's for lunch and on the way to Wendy's I decided that I had better go to Stop and Shop and rent THE PRESIGE. So I just kept on going!! (that's where the Forrest Gump thing comes from). =) By the time I got to Stop and Shop I sincerely regretted my decision. At this point the girls were DONE with the walk and we still had a good half hour. We did stop at Wendy's on the way home so that was a nice little break. The bummer about the whole thing is that I had the car today. For some reason I felt like it would be easier to walk to the grocery store than to load 3 kids up then unload them and then reload them again. I don't know what I was thinking!! Here's to all you marathon runners out there! I thought I'd die after my 3 and a half miles today!

I need to get some video footage of Keslie talking! It's just so darn cute! Her voice is so husky and she holds the last syllable for as long as she can. When Nathan is leaving for school she chases him to the door saying byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyouuuuuuuuuuuu. It sounds like bye eee you. It's her attempt at bye, love you. She's also doing very well at being polite - she says please and thank you.

Anika is in the kitchen busily coloring on her new easel from Nana and Papa West. She's quite the little artist. I think I will scan some of her drawings and post them. She's an artist, a singer, and an aspiring dancer (I'm afraid she got the Kivett dancing genes - so she's REALLY going to have to work at that one!!).

Poor Nathan thinks he might be coming down with the flu. Please no please no please no. He carpools with a friend and on the way to school yesterday morning his son threw up in the car. They've had the flu at their house all week and it is a MONSTER flu bug. Everybody that gets it out here has had a hard time getting rid of it. It just keeps coming back. And it's SO contagious. We've managed to avoid it so far so wish us luck!! Anyway - happy National Anthem Day! G'bye!


Susan said...

Brittanie, I really appreciated this post! I've been looking for a stroller for 2 as well... I only have 7 weeks left! Anyway, a friend of mine who just had her second bought this kind of sit and stand stroller as well and felt that it should work out well (but has yet to really use it for two). I've been considering getting this kind as well, but your post helps to confirm my decision! Thank you, thank you!

Q & A said...

I love all your posting this week! You winter formal pictures are so fun - you guys look really great. I love the story about the walk. I'm sure you're just busy appreciating the break of sun after your long winter. Cute stories about your girls!

Cam and Afton West said...

Love the pics! Be sure to write down what they or who they are. My mom has pictures from when I was little and they are hilarious but we have no clue what I was thinking!And can I say good for you for going on a walk! That sounds like fun. Im waiting for these 3o mile/hour winds to cease still before I will attempt that! Im jealous of warm weather!

Cam and Afton West said...
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Mindy P. said...

I can't belived you walked all that way. Knowing exactly where you walked makes me super impressed. Especially with 3 kids.