Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Hope you are all wearing GREEN today! I'd hate for you to get pinched! We got to sleep in until 7:30! It's already a lucky day. Then we had green, shamrock shaped pancakes! I couldn't bring myself to make the eggs green. YUCK. But, we did have green plates and cups and even a couple forks. Were working on it. =)
The weather was great all week and then we had a huge snow storm yesterday and through the night. It's very pretty outside though!

Last night we read a story about honesty in "The Friend" magazine. This morning I heard Anika in the bathroom talking to Nathan. She had been saying that she needed to go potty but wanted us to help her. We told her to hold it for just a couple minutes and by the time Nathan got up to help her she was saying that she didn't want to go. He asked her if she went potty in her pull-up and she was bawling and saying NOOOO! Anyway, all of the sudden she said "I want to tell the trufe (truth)." Then she told him she HAD gone potty in her pull-up and said "That was a good trufe huh?!"I guess the story sunk in! Yay!

Anyway - I hope all of you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

is three old enough to say those things. gosh. i guess samuel has been being a bit more patient with scriptures or maybe it is that isaac is entertaining him enough walking around being crazy while we are doing that that he is just waiting for mom to please stop. at least he isn't putting his hands over his ears like he used to do. we all start to figure it out eventually i guess. i love you. thanks for being a fabulous sister and example to me.

Q & A said...

This is so so so cute! I love that their brains really can process these things at such a young age. Your girls are so cute!