Monday, October 23, 2006

Time for an update!!

Sheesh!! I feel like I haven't posted anything besides videos for awhile! What can I say?! I've been SOOO busy!! Actually - not really. I'm going to be totally honest. I've gone and gotten myself hooked on 24. What was I thinking?!! Anyway - I checked season 2 out from the library and had a week to watch it - I succeeded! So - between that and finishing up a couple books - my down time has been totally taken up. =) Sorry!! We've had a fun couple of weeks - what with TWO birthdays and Nathan's parents coming into town! Bear with me while I catch you up to speed.

Nathan was in study mode for the first two weeks in Oct. He had two tests - and he hasn't gotten the "official" results - but they did post the answers and he did very well! He's so awesome. I love to brag about him. He had to study on his birthday! How lame is that?! We did have cake and ice cream ( see pictures) though.

Because of all the birthday parties we've been having Anika can't stop talking about birthday cakes. She's obsessed with having a Blue's Clues cake for her party in "member". Member is December.=) Her new word is suppin. She adds it to the end of things - Hi mom - want a sandwich or suppin? It stands for the word "something". I wish that you could hear her say it!

Keslie keeps getting better and better at walking. She's turning into quite the opinionated little thing. If she doesn't want to eat something she yells and then her entire body shivers. She is SOO dramatic. And she throws everything on the floor! Uh-oh! I can't believe she's one!!

I'm doing great! I'm a HUGE dork. Between my "heart attack" and my minor car accident I feel like a huge idiot. =) I was on my way to a ward council meeting on Sunday and I was singing my heart out to some Janice Kapp Perry tunes and I was stopped at a stop sign behind someone and then I rear ended her! I don't know what happened. I think she must have started to go and then stopped and I just kept going. At least it was really slow and I don't think anything happened. She still took my information and told me that "it's a good thing I didn't have any little ones with me" and "were you just not thinking?" and "Be more careful in the future" - that sort of thing. I was nice as can be to her and so far she hasn't filed any claims. And my heart attack...hahaha! I'm such a hypochodriac! Over the past 10 years I've thought I had just about every possible kind of cancer, blood clots, kidney disease, arthritis, and the most recent - Heart disease. Anyway - to make a long story short - I had some "symptoms" that could have possibly been a heart attack and I figured it was better to go in and look stupid and be wrong than to stay home and die in the night and leave my girls and Nathan. I got there at one - spent several hours with a PSYCHOTIC woman that I know just wanted drugs and found out I was fine and then came home. It was such an adventure! =)

On Saturday we did some yard work and cleaned out our garage and then went shopping for some winter clothes and out for ice cream. It was so fun! I'm glad that I love hanging out with Nathan! We always have a fun time.

Carol, Gary, and Jared came and stayed with us on Friday! It was so GREAT to see them! Of course they spoiled us rotten! We went out to a fun restaraunt for Nathan's birthday and saw "Man of the Year". We were so sad for them to leave. It's fun to be on our own out here - but we sure miss everyone!

I got this GREAT dollhouse for FREE off of freecycle. It's a Ryan's room classic and it came with all the room sets! Hello!! I looked online and the dollhouse itself costs $100! Each room set was at least $20. The things people give away. =) Anika loves it!!

It's getting cold - the leaves are falling! It's beautiful right now - but I'm dreading the barren winter look. It will be nice once it snows. Anyway - that's the latest. =)


Tessa said...

britt I now know where I get my thinking that my body is going to break and I have tumors and cancer and all that junk haha. maybe we are so much alike that is why we always have those fights hahahahahaha. member in the car on the way home from new mexico with kelyn?! haha. that was funny or suppin. haha. well see ya.

aunt kimmie said...

Britt, we are 24 fanatics here, we have watched every season. Can't wait for it to start up in Jan.

thanks again for keeping up this sight. It is fun to come here and find out what you all have been up to and read the funny things that Anika says.

I saw your mom in law in Quilted bear last week. sometimes she looks like your mom to me. I have always thought that. I don't know what facial feature makes me think that, but it's there.

Love you all