Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It's finally here! I can't wait to dig through Anika's stash of goodies! I hope all of you have fun trick or treating. Halloween brings back so many fun memories of dressing up and going over to our cousin's house. They had the BEST trick or treat neighborhood and I got SOOO much candy! There is nothing better than coming home and dumping your spoils on the floor, organizing them and trading. Those were the days! I'll post some pictures later!! Anika is SOO excited! We went to the ward TRUNK or TREAT on Saturday and she was thrilled that people were just giving her candy!

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Kelyn said...

oh to have those days back and not wonnder how many pounds I am going to gain if I eat fifteenin one sitting. sheesh, I envy them boy do I. Your babies are fabulous and I love more than any of their other aunts. HeeHee. love you