Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Anika had fun painting with her friend Riley today. They are both little princesses so they didn't want to get dirty but by the end they were both going at it with their fingers. It was so cute. In Anika's prayer tonight she said "thank thee that I puked outside on the driveway". NICE. First of all, that happened awhile ago and second of all, it's lovely that she knows the word puked. =) The things they pick up.

I can't express enough how much I hate teething. My poor baby has been such a GRUMP these past two days and I haven't been able to figure out why. Well - tonight while she was WAILING I had a great view of her gums and it looks like she has several molars wanting to come in. I tried to feel around to see if there were any bumps but it just made her cry harder. They look extra red and puffy though! Poor little thing!!

Tomorrow is the big halloween party for playgroup. I'm going to be a hippie. Haha! We'll see how that goes! I'm not telling what the girls are - that way it will be more fun to see the pictures! Nathan just got home - so I'm off to get some hubby time in! See ya!



Kelyn said...

So are you going to wear "the" hippie pants? you konw the ones I am embarrassed to say I wore to school and thought I looked cool? sheesh. I hope so. Is that your beautiful friend who is in primary with you?

Susan said...

Hey, nice to see you have such a fun blog! Your kiddies are so cute and I'm glad to hear they are your best friends.

Jenny said...

WAit, what hippie pants are we talking about? i think we all had hippie pants in highschool, around our little group. :) i sure had them and remember them SO well! i still think they are cool, just not on me. hahaha

Jenny said...

i don't enjoy the teething time as well. have you tried the teething tablets by hylands? or oragel? i keep my oragel in the fridge. it seems to help some. tanner sure hates the oragel but within 2 mintues he is back to his cute self.