Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I HATE being sick!!!

Today has been one of those days. It's one of those sinus, head, eye things. I wish it would go away! I took some sudafed and it helped for about an hour and then I felt yucky again! I was so confused because it's supposed to be the extra strength kind that lasts a good long time - but I told Nath that I took it and he told me that it's expired. I guess that explains it! The girls have been so nice to me though. I told Anika that my eyes, head, and nose hurt and she kissed each one and said "all better!". What a nice little person she is. Keslie is really trying to do the walking thing. It's so cute! She falls and yells "WHOA!! Whoa! Whoa!" and then gets up and tries again. She also said BALL today. Nathan told me that by the age of one kids are supposed to be able to show you where their body parts are (head, belly, eyes, ears, lips, etc.). I fear I've been really neglectful with Keslie when it comes to that! I tackled animal sounds and the belly today. I figure I've got a couple more weeks!! Wish me luck! I own 3 copies of The Little Mermaid! I went to Walmart first and it was $20!! I bought it figuring that if that's what Walmart is charging then that's probably what all the other stores are charging too. Not so!! I had to run to BJ's for some primary stuff and it was $16.99 - so I got it and then I went to the grocery store and it was $14.99 plus a little lunch box! Can you believe it!! I guess I'll just throw the extras on my pile of returns! Good grief!! Anyway, I'll post a new video of Keslie and Anika really soon and try to write a more interesting post than this one has been! See ya!


Aunty kim said...

Britt, sorry you aren't feeling well. Nothing worse than sinus pressure, even nose spray won't help that! But I'm sure a two year olds kiss counts for sweet was that?!

Tessa said...

Britt man It sucks being sick....but what a cute little thing anika is to kiss it all better!