Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This and That

Nathan - you are FREAKING awesome!!!

He got his board scores back guys! And he did amazing! I'm so proud of him! He worked really hard and I'm so glad that this test is behind him!!

Happy 16th b-day to Tessa!!

I'd like to welcome my Bosom friend, Mandi, to the blogging world!

Sumer, Richard and their 2 boys have left for good! We LOVE you guys!! Can't wait to visit!

Today somebody thought I was pregnant. WHAT??!! Nice. Some people just don't think before they speak. Here is how it happened. Nathan was talking to this guy while I was in the fitting room at Kohls and as I walked out I heard him say "So you have two kids? Your wife is pregnant with number 3, right?" It was something like that and it got pretty awkward when he said I wasn't. Nathan thinks that I shouldn't share my humiliation with the world - but what the heck. REALLY - I don't think I look pregnant (geesh I hope not) and by the way - I'm not! But it did kind of push me over the edge. No ice cream for me! Not until my birthday! And my yoga mat is my new best friend! Here's hoping it helps this wretched back of mine!!


Cam and Afton West said...

Yea, thats hilarious! Cam and I were actually just discussing how great you looked....your arms look like little sticks! I say, enjoy your dang icecream. You could afford to put on a few pounds. Thats prolly why you arent pregnant...your too stinkin skinny!

riggsfam said...

Congrats to Nathan! Don't worry about the prego comment! You don't look pregnant at all! I have gotten awkward comments a couple of times since Riley was born and I know how crummy it makes you feel!

Brittney said...

Oh my Britt I had quite a few people ask me if I was pregnant when I wasnt too and it seriously depressed me. People really need to shut their mouth and not ask that question!! But oh my Nath you are amazing like always!! So what does this mean now? Explain please. Well love you guys.

kelyn said...

well if you look pregnant i am having twins or triplets.heehee. where are our idaho pics. i have been checking everyday. i miss you and those girlies. nathan too but in a different way. like for commaradery in settlers. well ill check again later. love you

jill s said...

CONGRATS nathan!!!

and wow. you look great!

i need to start doing yoga again too...maybe it would help my back too!!


amy said...

WAHOO! Congrats Nathan! So whats the plan now?

There are definitely some strange people out there that really need to keep their mouths shut.
Is that guy married to the crazy 'your kids should wear hats' lady?! weird people...

and i agree with everyone... you are looking great! (love the beach pics!!)

Jon, Kesseli, and Anden said...

Hey Brittanie!
This is Kesseli Carmichael! I hope you remember me! I stumbled upon your site on someone elses and just wanted to say hi! Hope everything is going well. Your kids are adorable! Write me!

Jon, Kesseli, and Anden said...
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Jenny Richins said...

congrats nathan! you are such a hard worker. what does the test mean besides you passed?

Jenn said...

Yay Nathan! Congrats!

Whatever--I was just thinking how totally skinny minny you are. I've sworn off all sugar and treats lately--except ice cream of course. I figure, if I'm going to get huge on just ice cream then so be it. A world without ice cream is not a place I want to be. :) You're gorgeous girl.

Q & A said...

Congrats to Nathan. Great news for you guys. I am stunned at the audacity of some people with their comments. Hello, you SO do not look pregnant. So rude. Anyway, I'm sorry we missed each other AGAIN. One of these days we'll actually be in the state at the same time!!