Saturday, July 28, 2007


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We FINALLY got a chance to do a little camping and we took it!! We went to Cape Cod and camped at the same place we camped at last summer because we liked it so much. We got a nice campsite again and had such fun! We spent most of our time at this little beach called Wood Neck Beach. It is perfect for kids because it has an inlet (I think that's the word) that stays shallow and has tons of hermit crabs and other ocean wildlife. We were also lucky enough to find a HUGE blue crab! We got a brave little boy to catch it for us! We got a picture of it once it was in a bucket. You should have seen the fight he put up! He was snapping his pincers right and left! Pretty scary! I can't believe the kid kept at it! Keslie didn't like the water much. I think it makes her nervous that it moves! Anika LOVES it! We rented bikes and road them up and down the beautiful shoreline on Friday morning. We decided that we want a house there someday. It's so gorgeous!! The rest of the time we hung out at our campsite. We had some issues with our fire - we bought wet wood!! We couldn't get a fire going for the longest time and then once we did it was incredibly smoky! Oh well, we were able to make smores and that's what matters! We substituted the Hershey Bar with Peanut Butter cups and the results were DELICIOUS! I don't think I'll ever go back! The girls did great in their sleeping bags! I think they are happy to be in their own beds tonight though. Anika got mosquito bites all over her arm and on her chin. They are driving her crazy! Poor girl! I've been putting deodorant on her bites to help the itch (it really does help!). Hopefully they will be better by tomorrow. She is saying the scripture in Primary! This will be her first time to do something in Primary! Hopefully she doesn't do what I did. I bawled at my mom's feet while she gave my talk. I was such a shy little thing!
Anyway - Nathan starts school on Monday so life is going to be back to normal. My posting should be more regular and not always about vacations! I've got to write some updates on the girls and post some video! Soon!! Have a great Sunday!


Fred & Meili said...

Hi Brittanie! I am so sorry that I haven't said hi. I am just barely figuring this thing out. I have loved reading your blog. You are really good at it. Your girls are adorable and it sounds like life is wonderful! Fred graduated with 2 bachelors degrees one in Exercise and Wellness and the other in Business Administration. He is applying for medical school right now. Hopefully next year at this time we will be headed somewhere. It was good to hear from you! Love, Meili

Brittney said...

Hi sis. So I have never done the peanut butter cup thing for smores But I will for sure do it because I love them!! It sounds and looks like you had so much fun.

jill said...

love the pictures! the girls are darling!

and peanut butter cup s'mores ARE the BEST! i will never go back either!

looks like you had tons of fun!


riggsfam said...

What a beautiful spot! It looks so green! I love the pic of Keslie with smore all over her face and her huge smile!

LJAandB said...

I am so wishing we could have been there with you guys! It was nice to have camping friends in CT. It's way too HOT here to camp yet, but if you come visit us I promise we'll go....JJ