Thursday, July 19, 2007

SO Much To Report!!

Well - we made it home, safe and sound! I'm very happy to report that our planes did not crash! I REALLY don't like to fly. =) We had SUCH a fun trip but missed Nathan terribly! I'm very happy to be home and the fact that Nathan is ALL mine for two weeks is the icing on the cake! We are hoping to have some fun adventures over the next several days. We'll see! Nathan will find out how he did on the boards sometime over the next few weeks. I'm sure that all of his hard work will pay off. He really is such a trooper!

SO - now I'm going to play catch up! I really should have tried to post a little bit while I was away because now the task is feeling quite daunting! Oh well - just try to bear with me - I should probably make this a bunch of mini-posts but I'm just not gonna!

Our flights went fabulously! My little girls are such angels! We flew into AZ on the 4th and we got to see some fireworks from the airplane. Anika thought that was pretty cool. We were stuck in Washington D.C. for several hours so luckily there were tons of shops and places to buy food! I enjoyed a delicious ice-cream cone from Ben and Jerry's scoop shop and I browsed through Borders for as long as the girls would let me. I found a few books that I am really excited to read!! First comes first though - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is being released this SATURDAY!! SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!

My stay in AZ was great! It didn't feel as stressful this time around - I was able to see people in groups instead of feeling like I needed to do individual visits - which made it a lot more relaxing. My M.I.L. (mother-in-law) spoiled us ROTTEN! We shopped til' we dropped! The Children's Place outlet was having some awesome sales so we pretty much amassed a whole new wardrobe for the girls and they both don pairs of incredibly cute CROC knock-offs from Joann fabrics complete with Jibbitz! It was so fun to get to spend time with her. She is so much fun and she has the best laugh! We took the girls out to the lake behind their new home to feed the ducks (duck) one morning. Keslie didn't really get that she was supposed to feed the ducks with the bread so she munched on it the whole way there. Here are a couple pictures from that. Carol is using the cane because she had just had surgery on her knee. By the time we left AZ she wasn't having to use it as much anymore! Yay!

On Friday night I took the girls over to Grammy's house for a little pizza get together! I got to see the whole Kivett clan and I'm SO mad I didn't take more pictures! Aunt Jolee had just gotten a brand spankin' new Canon camera and we were all trying to figure out how to use it. I was pretty impressed - there are so many fun features on her camera! After handling that thing - mine just didn't feel as cool. =) Here are the few pictures I did take that evening:

This is Keslie and her cousin Brayton (he's about a month older than her).

Aunt Brittney and Keslie (Isn't Britt such the cute pregnant girl?!!)

Aunt Jolee and the kids

The next morning we headed up to good ole' Show Low for the Owens family reunion. Regrettably, I only got to spend one day there - the festivities had been going on all week! I LOVED being in Show Low!! It was so fun to remember all the fun times I had up there as a kid. This time I got lots of pictures - but I wish I had gotten more of family. I made a bubbleshare album for these pictures since I had so many. I know - I really should mess with the photos to make the quality better - but I just don't want to take the time right now. I'll figure it out someday!! Some of these pictures I got from Aunt Shaunna - thank you!!

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I spent all day Sunday at the Wests'. Jordan and I watched a cheesy Mormon movie. It was cute and I had fun laughing at the cheesiness! It was great to just relax and hang out and dinner was GREAT!!

Papa playing blocks with the girls

Keslie in her cute new gauchos from Nana!

Anika and Kes being cute!

Aunt Jordan playing with Anika - I love this picture!

On Monday morning we had a little impromptu playgroup at Mandi's house! It was quite the reunion! The kids had a blast playing in the water and they all got along famously! We really didn't have to break up a single fight and we were there for a good long time. These girls are all such dear friends of mine - it was great to see them.

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For FHE on Monday night we went swimming and to McDonalds for a twist cone! I really think that this McDonalds might be the only one that still serves twist cones. What a huge bummer! It was so tasty!

Okay - I posted this picture strictly because Keslie is looking so darn cute in it!

On Tuesday I made myself an appt. to see the chiropractor. My lovely back is giving me such issues. I bet I have a pinched nerve or something. Anyway - it helped enough to get me through the LONG drive to Idaho! I'll post about the second half of my trip tomorrow - I have lots of Idaho pictures! We had such a blast!!

Well - off to bed!!


lnkmom said...

Looks like you had a great time! You are sooooo brave to travel alone with your kids! You won't see me doing that crazy trick any time soon.

Cam and Afton West said...

How fun! SOO jealous you were in AZ! Looks like you guys had a blast. And the girls are as cute as ever!

jill s said...

looks like you had a GREAT time!! it was fun to see all the pictures!

did the kids travel well? i was SO grateful that my 2 behaved on the 4 hour plane ride!:)


Choate Family said...

How fun! It's so great to see some really cute pics of you and your girls and of Kelyn too. You both are such fun mommies!!

Susan said...

Hey Nate, it's Ben, how'd boards go? I'm expecting my USMLE scores anyday. The whole experience was not very fun, hey? Hope it went great.

Brittney said...

hey britt very cute pics. I am excited to see the ones from Idaho. I miss you lots already! When do we get to see you guys again? Man I hate this living away from eachother stuff. Not fun. Love ya

Susan said...

That's so fun that your cute girls got all those new clothes! So great! I didn't know you could get little "decorations" for those croc shoes. How amusing!

Amber said...

How fun. I am happy that you were able to go see family. Where is your Kivett family living now?

Macey Kay said...

Fun! It looks like you kept busy on your trip!

riggsfam said...

Looks like lots of fun in AZ!

Jenny Richins said...

thanks brittanie for sharing your photos of my kids too as i didn't take much when we had our play group. you had such a blast visiting good ole' az! i am so glad you came and we visited! your kids are too cute.