Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thanks for visiting us!

We had such a great weekend! Nathan's parents came to visit! On Saturday we went to the beach. The water was SO nice! Not cold at all! It was a perfect day to go to the beach. On Monday they watched the girls for us so that we could go out for a fun day outing. Nathan ended up having some sort of stomach bug all day so we kept it pretty simple. We went to see Harry Potter and then to Red Robins for lunch. The movie was the best one they've done so far! I actually really liked it and that's pretty unusual for me. If I read a book before the movie it's really hard for me to like the movie. I think I just feel sorry for all the people (Nathan) that are seeing the movie without reading the books because they are missing out on SO much!! Anyway - we had a wonderful time and it was so nice to have a break from the girls. Let's just say that they are having a hard time going back to NOT always getting their way and being spoiled rotten. =)

Thanks for coming to visit us!! We miss you already!

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riggsfam said...

How fun! Looks like a great time at the beach!