Monday, February 26, 2007

Pictures from WINTER FORMAL

Well - here are a bunch of pictures from the Formal we went to last Friday! Hopefully I will get some more pictures and videos from everyone else - so there might be more later! If you want to see them better, you can click on the picture and it will pull it up in a bigger size. We had such a fun time!! The DJ was pretty pathetic so Nathan and I didn't have the opportunity to REALLY show off our hip dance moves. Haha!! Thank you thank you Natalie and Scott for watching the girls!! It was such a nice break and we appreciated it soo much!

In other news:

My girls are STILL sick. Will it ever end??? Anika had a fever all day yesterday - but it's gone this morning. Just a lot of snot and coughing. We had a fun weekend - On Saturday we took the girl's to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses. Then that night we went over to our friend's house and played some Nintendo WII. Pretty fun!!

Anika and Keslie were in love with this "hat" last night. It was handmade special by daddy!

These two just really love eachother. I wish that I had gotten this on video instead of just pictures. They were SO giddy and cuddly. It was hilarious!

This was Keslie's first experience with RICE KRISPY TREATS and she was NOT a fan.

It's so fun to wake up to snow. It makes winter so much more tolerable. I think. The trees don't seem so barren when they are covered in snow!


Anonymous said...

Both of you look so beautiful. It looks like you had a great time. I am so glad you could get out for a special evening like that.
Love ya!
Mom West

Aunt kimmie said...

Britt, Looks like the evening was a hit! What was the formal for? who put it on?

Lovely Hat!

How can anyone....even a toddler.....not like rice crispy treats!?!

jill s said...

looks like you two had fun!:) you look SO gorgeous in your red dress!

hope this kiddos get better quick.


Susan said...

You guys look like you had a lot of fun. That's so fun to be able to dress up!

amy said...

you guys look so good in the pics from the formal! its always fun to find excuses to dress up now a days- it doesn't happen much!

your girls are adorable!

Brittanie said...

Aunt Kimmie - Nathan's school put it on - most of the people were calling it prom - which I thought was weird since we aren't in high school anymore. It was so fun though!! Love ya!