Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anika's Fashion Statement

Well - this morning I sent Anika in to get some clothes and she emerged from her room wearing this snazzy little number. Notice that her pjs are still on underneith? She was so proud.

Another one - just because I think she's cute even when she's a ragamuffin.

One of Anika's favorite hangouts.

The other day Keslie was being sad and sick and I needed to get going on dinner so I asked Anika if she would take care of Keslie for me. They got all snuggled up under the blankets and were happy as can be. A couple minutes later I heard them laughing and giggling and I just thought it was so cute that they are such good buddies.

Anika told me yesterday that her boogers were all gone and that we needed to go to the store and buy some more. =)

Nothing much more to report here - still trying to get rid of this cold the girls have had for months! Eagerly awaiting warmer weather! Nathan and I are going to a FORMAL dance on Friday night. I'm wearing a RED dress! Pretty excited about that! I'll post some pictures afterwards.

Have a happy day!


Amy said...
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Susan said...

ooo... a red dress! That sounds like so much fun! It will be like going to dances in high school again, but this time you'll actually being going with someone you love! :)

jill s said...

the girls are SO cute!:)

have fun at the formal!!


Jenny said...

sounds like my brookie! does she change her clothes 3 times a day too?

Mindy P. said...

That boogers comment is hilarious. What is the dance for?