Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well folks I feel like doing a little blogging, although I'm not really sure what I will write! We've had a pretty uneventful week. I admit I will gladly wave goodbye to the winter season this year! I'm tired of being stuck in the house! I long to take the girls to the park and let them run free in the grass or go to the swimming pool and let them splash around or do any and all of the other wonderful GOOD weather things there are to do - outside. =) As you can tell, I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever. Bring on the GREEN!!!

We got a prize in the mail today! New cell phones!! I got the CHOCOLATE - pretty slick! Mine is actually the cherry chocolate. I'm excited! With this one I can take pictures and listen to music! Now I just need to figure it out!
I was looking at someone's blog and noticed that they had a link to BYU-IDAHO - so from there I searched the faculty and found a picture of my dear Dad! Pride bubbled within me! I also found a list of speakers for the "21st annual symposium" and he is on the list!! I SO wish I could be there. I know that my mom will get to go - what fun it would be to join her! A snippet of his topic follows:

Choosing to Enjoy the Gifts of the Spirit -- There is an irony that exists in the lives of many people. They believe they want to be happy, but choose thoughts and habits which produce sorrow. This contradiction can be corrected.

Sounds like it will be a really good talk.

The girls are just DANG cute!! Anika has been using phrases such as "It's the best thing in the world!" and "OH!! That's wonderful!" and "OH DANG IT!" and I just wish I could explain in words how incredibly cute her voice gets when she is being cheesy or excited or telling me about something. But alas, it's something you have to hear to appreciate! She is in love with the primary song 'WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY'. We sing it all the time!! And when we get through me, Nathan, Keslie and Anika, we have to start singing "I love Stella (Keslie's baby doll) she loves me, we love Kara (Anika's baby doll) yesiree... and it goes on and on until we've sung about all of their dollies and teddy bears. They are also really into this really LAME song I made up the other day while Anika was eating BOTTLECAPS candy. I sing "SODA POPPA CANDY, SODA POPPA CANDY, SODA POPPA CANDY YEAH!! The whole time they dance like crazy and then freeze as best they can until I start up again. It's really funny.

Little miss Keslie is getting more teeth. At least these will be her last until her second molars come in. She cried pretty hard when I put her to bed tonight and she never does that! She had finally settled down when I hear Anika say "tickle tickle Keslie and laughing in her cute Anika laugh. Needless to say it set her off again and she cried for awhile longer. I was pretty grumpy at Anika. She just loves her sister and doesn't want her asleep before she gets there. The other night she came in to ask Nathan if he could wake Keslie up so that she could play with her. Haha. Cute little girl. Keslie loves her big sister and tries to copy everything she does.

The past couple of weeks they have been in love with cushion diving. I'll post some pictures soon. Our camera has been out of commission (battery problems) but it will be up and running by tomorrow.

Yesterday was my baby sisters 7th birthday! Happy birthday (a day late!!) Baylie and Carlie!! Here are a couple pictures I stole from an e-mail my mom sent me of the girls on their birthday and of all the kids (minus Alyssa and the older moved out kids). What a fun family I have!

Enough of my ramblings! Hope you all had a happy hump day!



A nice lady in Idaho said...

Wow, Brittanie---your mom is so young looking and beautiful!!! Your dad must be amazing too!!! You are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!!!

Susan said...

Wow! I didn't know you had twin sisters, Brittanie. That's fun. I love my family too. Siblings are so great.

Cam and Afton West said...

Cabin fever- your telling me! And its been in the 60's here! Although it doesnt feel like it with the wind. I cant wait for the summer when we can go swimming!We should all try to make a trip to AZ during the summer where we can all enjoy the real heat!