Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's February!

I had to get some pink in my blog for V-day!! OKAY - I know that the old style was ALL pink - I guess I just wanted a change. We'll see how long this one lasts! Well - it's 2:00 and both girls are already up from their naps. It's been a long day!! This morning I had such high hopes! After Nathan headed off to the school to study I dived into the task of getting the 3 of us girls into our snow clothes. That's right! We finally got some snow worth playing in! It took me an hour to get us ready. I was SO tired and grumpy once we were done that I considered just taking everything off and staying in. I'm not much of a snow bunny! I don't like to be cold! But, Anika was SO excited so I decided to press on. I had the camera all ready to take some snow shots but both sets of batteries were dead. SO bummed. Keslie was a little poof ball. She had on a size four snow suit, 2 socks and a sandwich bag on each foot (that was my bright idea for keeping her feet dry, she doesn't have snow boots), a REALLY poofy pink coat, Nathan's beanie (her hat was in the car) and 2 socks on each hand. I was pretty bummed - they were completely dressed before I realized that the mittens were also in the car. Anyway - it was quite the ordeal. I pulled the girls in our little sled out to the park behind our house so that we could slide down the hills. I quickly realized that it just wasn't going to work. All 3 of us weren't fitting on the sled, Anika didn't want to go by herself and I couldn't very well leave Keslie at the top of the hill. Poor little thing. By this point she was wearing my HUGE gloves because her sock mittens were all wet and Nathan's beanie kept going down over her eyes. I kept forgetting that she couldn't see and I'd set her down to help Anika with something and Keslie would fall and go rolling. So - we headed home. Anika was SOO mad! I was carrying Keslie and she was so heavy and slippery! Anika insisted on holding one of my hands and I wore the sled like a purse. And I didn't even get any pictures! Never again. Not without Nathan.

The dreaded day has arrived. Anika's naps are no more. I still put her down for some quiet time in the afternoon - but I'm going to miss those 3 hours I used to get!! She's so funny. When I lay her in the pack n' play she always asks for a lid. So, we put a blanket over the top and she plays in there for a good hour or so. It's her little hideout.

Happy Groundhog's day yesterday!! I have a friend that LOVES Groundhog's day and so because of her I love it! Notice that I changed my "fun sites to visit" to "Sites I dig"? That is in honor of Suzanne. I know that Groundhog's are more known for their weather predicting - but I was researching them for a poem I was supposed to write - and found out that they like to DIG in the dirt. A poem was supposed to be our ticket into her Groundhog party. Unfortunately, her whole family got sick so the party was cancelled. At least I was off the hook for writing a poem!

Well - Keslie is in DIRE need of a diaper change! So until next time...


Susan said...

How frustrating! I've had many a day like that as well... where my high hopes turn into frustrating events. I commend you, though, for your efforts in getting all you guys dressed and out into the snow. It is too bad about your camera... I very much would have like to see a picture of little Keslie all done up for the cold. ;)

Cam and Afton West said...

Thats hilarious! I love it! I wish we could have been there. It sounds quite amusing!