Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well - it's naptime! We've had a fun - kind of scatterbrained - day! This morning I was running late and couldn't find my keys - which always seems to happen when I'm late! My friend ended up having to come and pick us up so that we could get her son on the school bus while she took her other son to the doctor. Then I just moved into her house for the morning! I even had my visiting teachers visit me over there. Good grief. Will I ever learn to put my keys away - or at least get copies?!! FYI - I found them in the diaper bag. Why didn't I think to look there? The girls have been awfully cute today! Keslie is going to be walking soon! We've tried getting her to do it a couple times - but she does this funny little tippy toes thing. We had Macaroni and tomato juice for lunch - which both girls LOVE. Anika finished her bowl and then asked if she could have mine. Usually I would say NO WAY JOSE! But I was in a loving mood and let her finish it up. Then she wanted Keslie's. I guess I'll have to make more next time. I kept saying "MMMmmm - it's delicious! It warms my soul!" and Anika would copy me and say the same thing. Well - 5 minutes later she took a drink of her water - and said "Yumm - it colds my soul!" Oh my gosh - can she get any cuter?! She's still doing great with potty training. No accidents. We'll see how long that lasts. Keslie is getting so big! She has quite the gap in her teeth - which we love! OH great! She's definitely not suppposed to be awake yet!! Little pill! Better run!


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