Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Time Out For Women

I went to this fun Time Out For Women thing over the weekend and I just wanted to tell you all about it! It was so fun and uplifting. I came home really motivated to be better all around. A woman started off by introducing the host and among other things she said "I think he's really dreamy..." then went on to introduce Michael McLean! Okay - I've never been a Michael McLean fan and I have definitely never thought of him as "dreamy" - but let me just say that I am his new biggest fan and I would even say he IS a little dreamy. A little. =) He was so funny and so nice and I LOVED him! He sang some of the best songs and his son Jeff McLean (who is an amazing singer) sang with him and sang some of his old songs. I hate to say it - since I'm Michael McLean's new biggest fan - but some of his songs sound better when he isn't singing them. Although - sometimes I liked it when he would sing...I'm rambling. So, the music was great. The speakers were great. We heard from Emily Watts, Sheri Dew, S. Michael Wilcox, and a REALLY weird guy named Jerry Williams. I have never seen hair like his! I took a picture and as soon as I get them on the computer I'll post it. I think he might curl his hair. He was really hard to take seriously! The other speakers were all really great. My favorite was Michael Wilcox. He spoke about Prayer and I really enjoyed it. Sheri Dew didn't hit my spot as much as usual. She still did a great job. She told us that she has been through the most grueling, difficult, hard 16 months of her life and it's still going. She is an amazing lady and it's neat to see how someone who's testimony was already really strong can be tested and it can become even stronger. I guess it goes to show that there is always room for growth. Anyway - I would definitely recommend that all you women out there take the opportunity if it arises and go to a Time Out For Women. I got to make a whole weekend out of it! My friend Sumer and I went and stayed a night in a hotel! It was so fun - I felt like a teenager again! We went swimming - without kids and painted our toenails and laughed and giggled and stayed up talking WAY past bedtime! It was exactly what I needed. I think it was fun for Nathan to have the girls all to himself. They love him so much.
http://www.deseretonline.com/time-out/ - Here's the link to TIME OUT FOR WOMEN.


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