Sunday, September 17, 2006

I always knew that I would love being a mom but I never imagined how much I would love it. Sometimes I fear that my heart is just going to BURST! I hope that my girls know how much I love them. I wish that I would be better at taking them to the park or playing pretend with Anika. These are the best years of my life so far. I just wish that they would slow down! Anika did the cutest thing last night. Nathan and I died laughing. Her hands were talking to eachother (imagine the quacking motion you make with your hands).

Left Hand: Hi! How are you?!
Right Hand: It's a great day.
Left Hand:Do you want it? (sippy cup)
Right: yeah!
Left: Do it like this (she then shows her right hand how to wrap it's fingers around the cup)
Right: Thank you!
Left: You're welcome!

Pretty darn cute. Update on Anika: She is doing GREAT at potty training - potty being the key word. She hasn't figured out how to do the other thing on the toilet. She'll get there. She knows that if she does it she will get a Mickey Mouse lollipop. Nana and Papa sent those awhile back and we've been saving them for a very special occasion. She has already gotten out of bed 3 times to try. She really wants that lollipop! I'm losing my patience with her faking it. One of these days she's really going to need to go and I'm going to make her get back in bed without even trying!! She has become quite the little artist and singer. She now can draw a little face with eyes, ears, eyebrows, a hat, a mouth, a nose, and shoes. She leaves the whole body out. It's SOOOOO cute!! She can pretty much sing any song nowadays. I almost always sing a little song to the girls when I go get them in the morning or at naptime - something like this:
Good Morning! Good Morning! How are you today?! Good Morning Good Morning - That's what I came to say! I really love you! I really love you!
Yeah - you can tell it wasn't written by a professional! Anyway - the other day Keslie was crying after her nap and Anika went in and sang the entire song to her! It was DARLING!
I want to know what is so cool about Blue's Clues. She can't get enough. We have two videos and she never tires of them!

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Mindy P. said...

What a great story and thoughts on being a Mom. Every day, Charles and I look at Charlie and say how much we love him and how great it is. Glad you love it as much as we do.