Sunday, September 17, 2006


Our baby is soon to be a toddler! She took 3 steps today - all by herself!! Without Nathan and I helping her along! I wish you could all see her! She is so funny! She stands up and sits down over and over and gets so excited about it that she starts jumping right in the middle of standing up. We love her to pieces! It's cute to see how proud of herself she gets. Today at church she escaped and was almost two rows back before we realized she was gone. I swore I would never let that happen. It just goes to show that EVERYTHING you say your kids will never do - they do. That's just how it goes. Maybe it's to teach us a lesson. =) Other Keslie news: She says Mama, Dada, Nana (banana), and uh oh. She claps her feet really loud! She will not drink anything except in the morning. I've tried it all!! Any suggestions? AND she has a terrible diaper rash that I can't get rid of. Let me know if you have a miracle diaper rash cure!!


Contra Proferentem said...

Wow, how cute! We miss you guys. Thanks for the nice post on my blog. I had to return the favor! Our best to you and your cute family.

Aunt Kim said...

Vaseline and corn starch for the diaper rash, Britt, it beats any over the counter ointment.