Monday, September 11, 2006

Potty training!

Well - we started potty training! I've been absolutely DREADING taking this on and guess what?! It really hasn't been so bad! Anika is so good at telling us when she needs to go and she's even doing really good at naptime and bedtime. We are so proud of her! I think she's pretty proud of herself, too! I don't know what made it click with her - maybe she just wasn't ready before or maybe she likes gummi bears better than the "prize" we had last time. I'm not sure - but I definitely think it pays to wait until they are good and ready!

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amber said...

hey this is seriously the coolest thing i have ever seen i am totally going to get on it like everyday to see the cute new things that anika and keslie do! i love hearin about my cute little nieces! and my sis and bro in law.. this is so neat im so glad you took the time to do it... maybe you should teach me to make on instead of gettin a stupid myspace account! i love you