Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's February Already??!

Good grief!! So much for blogging once a week! This, my friends, is why I don't make too many New Years resolutions. =) We have had such a fun month - I don't have very many pictures to prove it, but it was still great! Here is a quick recap:

We went to The Children's Museum with some of our favorite people. Here are the few pictures I have from that. And they don't even have said people in them. Lame. =)

We finally took our Christmas tree down on January 12th. I needed to get a picture of Brenan in front of it and I kept forgetting! Isn't he so handsome?

I was finally forced to take the picture and get the tree down when my cute, spontaneous sister up and decided to come for a visit! She decided on Monday and was here Tuesday night! I always love having her visit me! We definitely didn't DO as much as we did in CT. We have A LOT more kids and there just aren't as many fun, free (or cheap) things to do here. So, we made our own fun. We played a whole bunch of puzzles. I loved the puzzle races - even though I NEVER won. March = rematch time! We went to the park and watched movies. We went and saw Leap Year. It was lame but we had lots of good laughs while making fun of it later on. I have a hard time watching Amy Adams. She was good in Enchanted and that's it. Anyway - I am so glad she came! We had a blast! These are the two pictures we have of the entire 10 days she was here!
We took it easy for a few days. I read. The kids watched TV:

Played in the pack and play that I still haven't put away from when Kelyn was here:
and fed themselves! Hahaha! We had our second big game night! The O'Briens went home victorious! Behold, the WINNERS OF THE NIGHT and the caretakers of the duck:
Just you wait. We will be the next couple pictured as winners of the night!

Anika celebrated being in school for 100 days! Here is her hat!
And one for the road! Anika looks a little crazed in this picture. Was it dinner time? I don't know! I can't remember! ( All I can hear is Nathan's voice quoting that line from The Emporer's New Groove!)

Here's to posting more in February! =)


Ben and Nanci Hanks said...

I'm glad you sent out the link...I love the music video. I think y'all could make it-maybe next American Idol!

The O'Briens said...

You know we are the champions! Too bad you redeemed it. We will get that duck back to it's little home. I'm glad I got to meet your sister. She is so sweet. P.S. Brenan looks adorable by the tree.