Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm Dreaming...

We will actually get a tax refund this year!! It's nice to have an income - no matter how small. Realistically, all of the money we get will go toward bills and this years Christmas and the huge deficit we will have the last couple months of Nathan's residency. BUT, it's still fun to dream! If it were mine to spend however I wanted I would (actually our tax refunds wouldn't cover hardly any of this stuff - but like I said, it's still fun to dream!) buy:

1. One of these bad boys:
It's a Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Steam mop and I want it bad. I've read up on the different steam mops and this one is my favorite. =) I'm tired of my twisty mop. It really stinks. Literally. My kitchen smells like a wet dog after mopping. I know, I should just buy a new mop head. =)

2. Bunk Beds for the girls. Sometime this year Brenan will move to a big boy bed. I think I would just like him to have the bed the girls are in since the bottom bunk is right on the floor. That was really nice when we moved Kes out of her crib. Or we can flip the bunk over and it becomes a one kid bed and it's still pretty low. I've been dreaming of fun bunk beds since I was in CT. It will probably be something simple like this:
But, oh my word. I came across this:
It's a playhouse loft bed. The bed is a full on top (plenty big enough for the girls to share!). Wouldn't that be a little girl's dream come true!! Here is the link to that website: http://www.sweetdreambed.com/gallery.htm.
Holy amazing beds.

3. New bedroom furniture for Nathan and me. Furniture like this:
Isn't it dreamy???

4. New COLOR new DECORATIONS new CURTAINS. I'm so tired of looking at my stuff. I need a total overhaul. Out with the old, in with the new!!

5. A hand grinder. What if something happened and there was no electricity? I'd want one of these handy little guys to grind up all that wheat I've got! I do NOT want to use a rock and a bowl. =)
6. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I want more food storage. We NEED more food storage. I've got the basics - wheat, rice, beans, flour, sugar, etc. - Now I want to order the super cool stuff. =) And then I want one of these to store all the cans. =) I'm really bad at rotating.
7. A Square Foot Garden. I really want to do this! But it's expensive to start out and it seems dumb when we will be moving in 18 months. I guess ALL of this is dumb since we are moving in 18 months!!

8. A bomb shelter. Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have a bomb shelter. I know I would feel more at ease. =)
Those are a few things that I dream about. =) Too bad Nathan dreams about electronics and man caves. =) Gotta love the differences between men and women. What are you dreaming about today? Well, Off to pick Anika up from school! Have a good one!


Jenny said...

fun blog entry! i too dream about cleaning supplies/equipment and food storage and things that involve my kids and my house. i am currently dreaming of a new car, something like an extended tahoe or new suburban. its not going to happen anytime soon, but its fun to dream. if you like to sew and be frugal with your money but also use what you have, you should check out these blogs i found. i love them! http://www.madebylex.com/

Humphries Family:) said...

You are a cutie, I have been wishing things for my Tax returns too:)

Heather said...

Oh this post was right up my alley. I'm dreaming of furniture now too. I'd love a new kitchen table and chairs, and a fun side chair and footstool for the living room and a piano - but it's all a dream now too since we'll be moving in under 6 months ... but SOON! I'm tired of living like a college student:).

jill s said...

i just got a monster floor steam cleaner this week.

and i L O V E it.

i don't know what caused me to splurge on it all of a sudden but it was a smokin' good deal on qvc.com free shipping + only $80!

i like making wish lists.