Thursday, February 11, 2010

A conversation...

Today I had a good little chuckle after a conversation I had with Anika. Here's the gist of it:

Anika: "Mom! Someone is in love with me."

Me: "Really?!! You have a secret admirer?"

Anika: "No, I know who it is. It's Carlos. We don't ever do anything together but he is always by me. He told me he is in love with me and that I'm beautiful. Then he tickled me!"

Me: "WHAT? (in a smiley voice) He told you he loves you?!!"

Anika: "Yes, and I told him I'm in love with him too and that he's very handsome."

So, Anika has her first boyfriend just in time for Valentines Day! =) I told her that she better not let him kiss her. She said that she wouldn't they just have tickle fights. Romantic. =)


Susan said...

this just made me all warm and fuzzy inside... and a little weirded out about potential emma 'boyfriends' when she starts kindergarten - it'll freak me out!!

kelyn said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!! That is hilarious. This Carlos is one lucky dog

LJAandB said...

go anika!! why won't you let her kiss???!?!

Tim and Jennifer said...

Oh my. I loved all of this. I could picture the little laugh she did in Primary.