Sunday, February 21, 2010

Come and Gone...

What a glorious year we've had so far! February has been a blast. =)

We made TONS of sugar cookies for Valentines day! The girls each got to decorate a plate of cookies and then I did the rest. Mine were very boring compared to their creations!

Anika decorated a "mailbox" so that all of her classmates could give her love notes.

Keslie came down stairs with the news that she is now a rockstar. She was all about striking a pose!
We spent a blissful weekend with the Soterpops! It was fabulous to see them. =) Our kids all get along great and we adults can tolerate each other. =) Haha - just kidding we love Mandi and Steve. We got a babysitter for all the kids on Saturday night and went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE!! We "lassoed our lovers" with the sweetheart special. Holy mercy. That was a lot of food. The rolls are to die for. If only our waiter hadn't completely mixed up our orders. We got a bunch of extras because of all the mix ups! An extra prime rib, baked potato and a basket of french fries. Good grief. STICK A FORK IN ME - I'M DONE! =) After dinner, we headed home for fondue and a rousing game of Phase 10. =) It was high time we played that with them again! Our last game of Phase 10 didn't end so well... Steve and I get pretty feisty around 2 am and the 9th phase. This time we only played to phase 5 so that there wouldn't be any risk of a repeat. =)

We somehow managed to stuff our faces even after our dinner feast. YUM!
w.o.w. <---that could mean "wow" or Why oh why?? Either one. Oh well. Here's to me being a psycho!
At least I have this picture of the Soters to offset my crazy. =)
Aren't our kids cute??
Brenan seems to be M.I.A. It was a great trip and we can't wait to see them again!!

This weekend we had Nana and Papa West here for a visit! AND that means that we also got to see Brooke, Scott, and the boys! We went to the Alamo. I thought it was really neat and really enjoyed seeing it.

Brenan was super excited to try on a coon skin hat just like Davy Crocket wore. =)
I don't like my nose so I was surprised when I saw this picture and it really hit my spot! I want to go skiing off that thing!
We went to Red Robin and then came home and watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (loved it!) and some 30 Rock. Then the weekend was over. It always goes way too fast! =(

This week I am looking forward to: getting my shipment from Amazon with my STEAM MOP and my TORTILLA PRESS, planting a garden with my girlies and seeing The Princess and the Frog. Gotta love 50 cent Monday at the dollar theater!! In 2 weeks we will be in Idaho to see my beautiful sister Amber marry her wonderful fiance, Kasey. I am SOOO excited! If only I could skip the drive. =)

Have a great week!


Macey said...

Was there a basement in the alamo? Looks like lots of fun!

Mandi said...

Wowza! What a month my dear. Bless your beautiful heart for making yourself feel better by adding such a fabulous picture of me and Steve. You truly are a dear and true friend. I'm grateful. We had a serious blast of a weekend and we can't wait to mosey on down to San Antonio. That will be great fun! I miss you already. Can you please hurry up and move to Flower Mound so that we can be bosom friends all the time and not just on weekends? I love you!

The Allen's said...

Wow that Kes is what sassy little susie. Everybody looks so cute. Man you gave me a few good chuckles in this I am not gonna lie. Can't wait to see you in a few. It is practically like we live around the block with the rate at which we have been seeing each other ; ) Love you my sister friend.