Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Eve!!

This year we welcomed in the New Year with our friends Ashley and Kevin! We broke out the IBC root bear and played games and had so much fun! We like root bear so much better than sparkling cider and it's so much more fun in a bottle. =)

And this one is a must because Kevin's face is hilarious!Here are the guys setting up our first game of the evening. We played Settlers - Cities and Knights and it was pretty much awesome. Nathan creamed us.
Next we moved on to uno, sword fighting, archery, jet ski racing, and Disney DDR.

I'm pretty focused. =)

The WINNERS OF THE NIGHT! We can't wait for our next game night so that we can try to win back the awesome duck frame. It's the official game night trophy. =) The clock struck midnight and we tooted our horns and blew our blowers and kissed our lovers and then we took pictures! Happy New Years! Heather and Aaron - we thought of you every time we tooted our horns. Thanks for providing us with the noise. We wish you could have been there with us!!

We came pretty close to losing all control of our bladders. Now that would have been an awesome start to 2010!!

Thanks for celebrating with us you guys!!


Lea said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I agree-RB in a bottle is SO much better!

Tairi said...

You are so gorgeous Britt! Looks like you guys had fun, if I were with you I would have lost total control of my bladder!

Mandi said...

I am glad that you guys had such a fabulous New Year's Eve. I must admit that I felt a little jealous. I wish we could have been there to party! Maybe next year. I love you!

Tim and Amy said...

so cute!

and ibc is def better than sparkling cider!