Friday, January 01, 2010

Tessa's Visit to Texas!

Trying to pretend like we are normal human beings:

The way we really are:

T Jazz (Tessa) came to Texas for a visit and we had the best time with her! I feel so grateful that I've been able to have 3 of my sisters visit me since I've been away from AZ. It's always so much fun! She got to experience the yumminess that is Taco Cabana, the amaziness of Charming Charlie, a drive-by of the Alamo, just about every mall in San Antonio, lunch at an elementary school, The River Walk, and some delicious homemade Indian food (her favorite part of the whole trip!! Haha - not so much!). We also made some music videos that will make us famous. Remember that walk down the red carpet I've been dreaming about? WELL, this might be the breakthrough I've been waiting for! =)

Nathan stared at us through our door window for awhile (he had been called in late at night). When he saw our moves he started singing "Hey Soul Sister" to me in his mind. Particularly the part that goes:

Hey Soul Sister...
The way you move aint fair you know.
Hey Soul Sister,
I don't want to miss a single thing you do... tonight....

You gave my life direction
a game show love connection we can't deny.

The way you CAN'T cut a rug,
Watching you s' the only drug I need.
You're so gangsta, I'm so thug,
You're the only one I'm dreaming of.

Hey Soul Sister...

and THEN we saw him. True Story. =) We even caught it on video because we were preparing to do our 3rd video of the night.

And here are the moves he was singing about:

T in front of the BOOTS. I LOVE them!
Her visit to The Alamo!!
At the River Walk:

Tessa was checking her e-mail one night and she had a giant cockroach walk on her foot. Keslie kindly informed her that a cricket was on her foot. =) I was impressed by her reaction. She hardly freaked out at all! I thought back to when the roach walked on my foot - I was pretty dramatic. =) She moved downstairs for the duration of her visit. We really don't have that many roaches - I just always talk about them when we do so it seems like a lot. I think we've had 6 or 7 since we moved here. That's not so bad!
Here she is after we woke her up a little earlier than she would have liked! We miss you Tess and love you! Thanks for the fun visit! I'll see you in Hollywood!


Mandi said...

\Wowza! You had some seriously good times. I tried to see the music videos but it said I wasn't invited. Rude! Gosh, I look at all of your fun craziness and wonder how it is that we are best friends when you are so fun and I am such a stick in the mud. Opposites attract I suppose. I miss you! Steve and I were very sad that we didn't get to play on New Year's but we will make a date soon. Nicholas yesterday told me he wanted to play with Anika and Keslie. I told him it was a 4 hour drive and he said that if we left right now we would be there soon. No such luck. I love you lots my dearest!

Reynolds Fam said...

OK, I think your mom was slipped into your bodies! Way fun! Don't ever stop having fun and enjoying life.

Susan said...

Hahahahaha! Those videos were great... I really loved your faces when you were caught by Nathan. :)

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I love that you made those music videos and I love even more that you actually posted them. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that gets out of control with sisters!

The O'Briens said...

This is why I love you! You are the best. LOVED the videos. me of my sisters and I do this too :). Please tell me you guys went out like this. ha ha. I'm glad I got to meet your sister. She is so cute. (p.s. that is about all of the Alamo my brother wanted to see to. K, and maybe me too :))

Tim and Amy said...

okay, i just want to thank you for that amazing positive energy! you totally made me smile (okay... a few laughts). looks like you've been having a blast.

and the pic of the girls in front of the tree is precious. they both look beautiful!

Ashley Clark said...

I love the videos!! That looked like so much fun. I never think to do anything like that anymore but man i used to do it all the time back in the day. How fun!!!! I def want to do that with the ladies sometime. YOu are so cute. Thanks for inviting me to your blog!

The Richins Family said...

That looks so fun. I remember making a couple music videos back in highschool with you and mandi. i was so shy and still don't think i could do another video, i don't like a lot of attention on me anymore. brookie sat here and watched it with me and she LOVED it. I died laughing watching the first video of nathan catching you. Hilarious! you look great. brookie just asked me if i wrote so much that i just took up this whole box i am typing in. hahaha

Charly said...

Yeah those videos pretty much made me laugh out loud! Haha. Those were awesome. I love doing things like that with my sister too!

Renae said...

Oh!! Britt, How fun!! Thanks for the post!!I agree with Jeannie, your Mom lives on!!! The kids are tooo cute. I"happy that Tessa and Kelyn got to visit. I am Happy that you are using the heart quilt. We love and miss you G and Papa