Friday, January 01, 2010

Pre-Christmas Joys!

Here is a rundown on some of our pre-Christmas fun in December!

Here are the girls in their Christmas dresses. Yup, the same ones as last year! I bought them a little big for a reason! =)
We went to Dickens on Main in Boerne. I'll be honest - it was pretty lame. Freezing cold and nothing to do! BUT, we did get a free visit to Santa and there was no line to wait in. =)
You've got to click on this picture so that you can REALLY see Keslie. It's hilarious and shows just how miserable the cold was! We had our annual gingerbread house night!
It got pretty late and the kids were so tired! Anika even fell asleep so Nathan took full advantage of the moment. =) One of the best things was getting to see the Jones'! They are so fun and it was great to visit and catch up! We can't wait for our next reunion!

AND - Brenan got a Christmas haircut. He was pretty pleased with it. =)


Lea said...

I am laughing SO hard now after watching your videos with your sis!!! Here's too good times!!!

lnkmom said...

I love the pic of Anika sleeping with candy in her mouth! Priceless! Thanks for the invite!

Karen said...

I love the videos! And Anika asleep with candy in her mouth, that is priceless!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Poor Anika. I love that she got picked on for falling asleep. And, since when does Keslie have such dark long hair! So cute.

Amber said...

Awesome picture of Anika asleep =). I love your music video! You are so incredibly cool!!!!

LJAandB said...

Great pictures! It was so fun to see you guys too. We need to have a big reunion soon. Brooks said he's going to marry Kesley btw.