Friday, May 04, 2007

Well - I can't believe I haven't posted these pictures! Before Jenn and the boys left for Hawaii last week we had a little impromptu family home evening with them! We played Settlers of Catan. Scott won (barely - haha!) and I came in second place. I guess I have to find out what that feels like every once in awhile. =) Just kidding! Anyway - I'm glad we got to do that because Jenn will be gone for 3 months which is a long time to be without her! Scott took a bunch of pictures of the kids with their new, really awesome, camera. He was kind enough to let us have copies. =) Here they are: We were all serious ragamuffins (besides Nath - he looks like a major stud).

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In other news - remember the dreaded allergies I wrote about last week? Well - it has begun! Nathan was down and out for a few days (he swears it was a cold - I say allergies) and this morning Keslie is a bear (allergies), Anika is sneezing and sniffing, and I feel those ever so familiar signs of an oncoming allergy attack. I've been doing the bunny nose and my eyes burn and I'm sneezing. This is nothing though! Look for a pity party post next week when it gets serious!

Anika is doing a funny thing with her words. She did it awhile back for a couple weeks and then stopped and we were so relieved but she's back at it. She repeats the last sound of the words a few times. Example: "I want to eat t t t." Or "Where are my socks s s s" Or "I'm tired d d d" or "I need a nap p p p." It's driving me crazy!! She's cute as ever though. She's so happy and full of fun.

We've been trying to get outside everyday! Yesterday we played in the sand at the park twice! I had 2 dirty little girls!

I'll have more to post later this weekend! Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow so we are going to have a little shindig. Hopefully I'll get some fun pictures! Next weekend we are going on a short trip to AZ. Nathan's parents are flying us out there! Woohoo! We are SO excited to see them! We aren't going to be making the visits or be very social on this trip. Most of our time will be spent with them. I'm going to do my best to catch up with everyone in July when I am there. It will only be for a week - so my time will be limited but it will be so great to see everyone - even if it's just for a little while!

By the way - still haven't found Keslie's swimming suit and now a pair of pants is missing. So weird!!


jills said...

cute pictures!!!

i hope your allergies don't get too bad!

i have bad allergies too...but i started using something called nasacort[sp?] and it's helping a TON! :)


p.s. have fun in az! i'm jealous! hoping to get out there either this month or in july!:)

Brittney said...

hey I am so with you on the allergy thing two weeks ago I was out for a week because of my allergies. Thankfully I am doing good now. knock on wood!!! Brayton has been doing the major runny nasty nose and it is driving me nuts!!!! Well have fun in AZ I probably wont see you but that is totally ok my love. Have a good day. love britt

Macey Kay said...

Love settlers, hate allergies. That will be nice to visit with family. Have a great trip!

Aunt Jolee said...

So do you know when you will be in Arizona and when you are heading up to Idaho? Grammie and I are wondering because we were thinking of tagging along with you as far as SLC maybe if the time is right and of course if we were invited! I just have to be in Seattle on July 8 or 9 for a week but wondered if you were heading up north around July 4th or when? Let us know when you have dates in mind, okay?

Love Aunt Jolee

TheGordonClan said...

We are so excited to see you guys - allergies and all! Yea! See you soon!

Jenny said...

you are coming here!?! cool, does that mean i get to see you for a short time? we still live here in queen creek but maybe we can meet up or something. i miss you dearly!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

keslies' smile is so stinkin' cute. she seems she is just a fun spirited girl from the pictures i see. how sweet.