Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Trip to AZ

We had such a great time visiting AZ this past week. I just love Nathan's family. I got to see my sisters and the Soters a couple times but other than that we just stayed in one place!
The day we got there Carol took all of the girls (me, Brooke, Afton, and Jordan) out to get pedicures and manicures for Mother's day! It was FABULOUS! Oh, how I love being pampered! I think it's even more fun right now because it's such a novelty! Anyway - it felt great and my toes looked so pretty! Then that evening we went out to eat at a really nice restaurant. Aside from Scott, all of us were there so it was really great to spend time together. The rest of the week was spent swimming, working on little projects around the house(I still feel like we should have done more!!) and just relaxing . We borrowed Britt and Dusty's WII and played that a bunch over the weekend. Nathan and I got to go on a date for our 5 year anniversary while we were there. We went to the temple and then to Olive Garden - and it was just what we needed. Last Saturday we moved a bunch of stuff into their new house. We love the new house but we are going to miss the old one! So many memories.
Kelyn threw a cute "cousin party". She is just so cool! When we walked in she had a big sign over the door that said WELCOME COUSINS and had made them little sandwich h'orderves(I know I didn't spell that right!), a birthday cake and goodie bags! Kelyn is the best! I didn't get any pictures but Mandi and Kelyn did so I will hopefully get some copies. Kelyn watched ALL 7 kids while Mandi and I met up with Steve and Nathan for lunch. Thanks again sis! Of course we laughed all through lunch! The Soter's are so fun and we always crave their company! I got to love on Katie and I was so excited about that. She is so cute and has quite the head of hair! Keslie and I spent a couple hours with Britt and Brayton. We went swimming and it was the one and only time that Keslie warmed up to being in the pool. I have a couple of wimps on my hands! Swimming lessons are a must before we move back!!
It was over much too fast. Carol took us to the airport and walked with us all the way up until we had to go through the scanners. She is so fabulous and saved the day with the airplane pack she gave us. We were hoping that the girls would sleep all the way home but that didn't happen. Luckily, Anika was entertained with the sticker books and modeling clay. Keslie squirmed all over the place and ended up kicking a cup of water onto the guy in front of us. NICE - he was already grumpy because his seat had been kicked a couple of times. Anyway - It was a little easier to say good-bye (at least for me) because we will be going back in a month. It was such a great trip!
The girls are having a hard time adjusting to CT time. This has never happened before! The first two days we were home we slept in until 10! HOLY MOLY! I haven't done that since I was a teenager!
We are so excited for next week because Kelyn and her boys are coming into town for 10 days! CAN'T wait!! I'm so lucky to have sisters that are my best friends.
Well - here are a bunch of scattered pictures!
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