Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Update

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had a really fun weekend! Friday, of course, we went and saw Spider-Man 3. Scott - thanks for watching the girls!! We loved the movie! Kelyn called me on Saturday and gave me an earful about her and Spencer's disdain for it! Could not believe my ears!! Boring?? No way!! Too many plots? I didn't think so. =) I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions. =) Love you Kel!

On Saturday we had our annual Cinco De Mayo party! We had a pinata for the kids and lots of yummy Mexican food. I'm so glad that the weather was nice and we were able to do everything outside because we ended up having quite the group of people! Most of the kids that were there are in the pictures. Our neighbor, Mike and his two sons came over for awhile but they had to leave before we were able to snap any pictures! SO - here are some pictures of the kids trying o break open that darn pinata!! The first is a close-up of Anika - she gets a little bit psycho sometimes! =)

On Sunday we went to the Jones for dinner. We are going to miss those guys! They leave in 2 weeks!

I took the girls in to the doctor today. We have literally been into the doctor's office every month since October!! Anika has a SEVERE ear infection. Dr. Limaye was surprised Anika wasn't screaming in pain. She's a trooper. Poor little thing! Keslie has one in the works. She gave me a prescription just in case. I sure hope they get better before this weekend!!

Some of you know about our little tragedy that happened last night involving me, Nathan's head, and the clippers. Pictures will be posted later tonight. =) See ya!


Tim & Amy said...

How fun! We had a Cinco de Mayo party as well! Except no pinata... just LOTS of GREAT mexican food and great friends.

I love having REAL mexican food! Glad you had a fun party!

Mom said...

What a fun party!

We were in between the West's and the Allen's opinions of Spider-man. We liked it just fine, but it did go a little long for us.

What happened to poor Nathan? I've clipped a few ears in my day and manno do they bleed forever---I always get nervous using the clippers!

Brittney said...

Hey britt well i actually agree with you on the movie. I actally really liked it. the whole time i was laughing and enjoying it and then when it was over and Kelyn said she hated it I was a bit shocked as well. But I am glad you guys liked it. But you guys are so cute with all your parties you have. I wish we had that. But we dont.

Q & A said...

Your party looks so fun! It is always so fun to see pictures of our CT friends and all the kids! Hope your girls are feeling better soon. And I must say, those pics of Nathan's hair are cracking me up! But since I cut Al's hair too, I know how traumatizing it can be to mess it up (which I have done plenty of times)! Hugs!!