Friday, May 25, 2007

My Little Surfer Girls

Hey all! I'm feeling ever so SUMMERISH today! It was such a perfect day. BUT, let me start with yesterday just so that I don't fall behind! My poor, dear husband had a apicoectomy done on his mouth yesterday. I felt so bad for him. We went to pick him up and his lip was SO swollen! Apparently, he had a root canal when he was 10 that was poorly done so he had a MAJOR infection. The endodontist that did the surgery said that it was the biggest he had seen - about the size of a 50 cent piece! Can you imagine that much puss just hiding out under your gums?? Pretty cool. =) Haha! I know, I have officially grossed out many of you. Sorry! At least I decided against sharing a picture with you! Anyway - he is healing up well and finally able to eat solids. My poor, brave husband - he went 24 hours on mashed potatoes and pudding snacks! For those of you that are wondering why a 10 year old would need a root canal - well let me just share the story (because I think it's a pretty good one)! Nathan and Cam were wrestling and fighting (like brothers will do) and Cam pushed Nathan into the edge of the bathtub. It broke Nathan's middle two teeth in half and pushed them back into the roof of his mouth and one tooth got knocked up next to his nose. And now, after years of dental agony, he has the charming smile we all know and love! AND poor Cam really had it coming. A couple years later a baseball paid him back. I guess what goes around comes around! Just kidding Cam! They are both in dental school now and gearing up to save those unfortunate children that run into the same fate!
For playgroup yesterday we went to this really awesome park called Jonathan's Dream! The girls loved it! I managed to get a few pictures. I am having a hard time getting the girls to look at me when I take pictures. They just ignore my pleas!

AND TODAY! We decided to take a little day trip to the beach and hit IKEA on the way! Anika was so excited to go to the beach and it was such a beautiful day. We ran into some traffic on the way and the lady behind me was having some SERIOUS road rage! I felt sorry for her but she provided some pretty good entertainment! She was banging her head on the steering wheel, shaking her fists at the sky, hitting the windshield, pulling her hair. She must have been late for something!! We stopped in at IKEA because I wanted to check out their bunk beds. They are cheap and sturdy and I can paint and stencil them if I want to make them all cutesy! This one is an option or this one. I'm leaning toward the one with the bottom bunk on the floor - it would be perfect for Keslie. At the store it's only $180 but that's still $80 more than the other one. We'll see. We ate some hotdogs (for 50 cents how could we NOT!) and then took off! At my exit I took a wrong turn but I think it was fate because I ended up at (you'll never guess!) the SUBWAY WORLD HEADQUARTERS!!! For those of you who don't know my history with Subway - I worked there for 2 years and even dressed as a sub for a whole day! I dearly loved that job and still feel nostalgic every time I go in one (and grumpy - they just don't make subs as well as I do!). I have 3 sisters who have worked or are working there! So, you can understand why the Subway World Headquarters would spark tender feelings within me! Uh - I'm a little cheesy today.
Anyway - this is to bring a smile to your faces:

Here I am in all my Subway glory on a blazing hot July day!!

Back to the beach - Anika LOVED LOVED LOVED it! She made friends with a little boy and his mom and after they left she was all over the place! Keslie never really warmed up to the sand or the water - I don't think she liked the way the sand felt on her feet. But, by the end she was helping Anika dig. We are definitely going again soon - and for longer! And - I'm not kidding - when we got in the car and headed home THE BEACH BOYS - LITTLE SURFER GIRL came on! Perfect timing!
When we got home we stayed out back and the girls played in the hose while we talked to Hilda and Saul. We really have the best neighbors/landlords! Keslie actually loved the hose! So, that was our day - topped off with Wendy's for dinner! Woohoo!

Anika has begun the dreaded "WHY?" stage. She asks "why?" after everything! She is so funny and talks nonstop. She says "I am a big girl, but not big like you because I don't have big teeth yet!" We've had that conversation many times. While we were parked and waiting for Nathan at the school today I let her come sit by me in the front seat and she kept saying how big she was and how daddy could sit in the back by Keslie and she would sit up front with me because we are best friends. SO CUTE! I wish she could sit up front with me!

Today while we were driving she asked me to sing the "I love my girls" song. I think I need to start paying attention to the songs I make up if she's going to start requesting them! Yikes!

Keslie is suddenly CRAZY addicted to her pacifier. And it has to be the MAM teething pacifier. Nathan was teasing her tonight and gave her two different ones before finally giving her the one she wanted. The first one she just looked at and pointed at the floor and said no! and the second one she stuck in her mouth, wiggled her tongue and then spit it out. She was thrilled when she saw the one she wanted. I need to get brave and take it away.

Well - Nathan is studying so I am going to try to clean a little bit tonight. I didn't feel like doing it today (hence - the beach trip) and I am babysitting all day tomorrow so I'm going to get a headstart tonight. 2 1/2 more days until Kel and the boys are here!! Yay!!!

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Q & A said...

Britt- Those pics of your girls are so cute! What a fun weekend and that picture of you dressed up as a sub is so hilarious. Let me know if you guys are going to be back in AZ this summer. I'd love to hook up!

aunt kimmy said...

Did I tell you I work in an endodontic practice? One our our 3 doctors is one of the best in the state.
I work in the front office and see many swollen faces come through...OUCH!
Poor Nathan, here's hoping he heals quickly.

Summers Camp said...

Oh my heavens, that Subway Sandwich suit, on you, CRACKS ME UP!!! Thanks for the laugh dearie! Hahaha!

Cam and Afton West said...

Hey Brittanie! Im jealous you guys have a beach close by! How fun! Sounds like you guys a had a great time! Cam said to tell Nathan sorry!
Love you guys!