Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Easter is such a wonderful holiday! I'm so glad it's in the spring - that makes it all the more happy! It's amazing to think of Christ's resurrection and I just feel so thankful that he made it possible for us to be resurrected too.

We have had quite the busy few days! On Thursday we had a fun playgroup over at my friend Jenni's home! The girl's had their first (of 4!) easter egg hunts and then we had a yummy little easter lunch. Everyone was supposed to bring a dozen eggs to contribute to the hunt. It was so much fun! Keslie wasn't really sure what she was doing and only ended up with a few eggs. But Anika did quite well! Inside the eggs there were all sorts of little treasures - mostly the candy kind, but one of the eggs had a milk carton lid! =) I imagine one of the Mommy's had a little helper! I had a good chuckle about that one!

Friday was a wild day! My friend Sumer came over with her boys for the day and then I was watching Jonah and Marri - so we had quite the crowd! It was a blast! I dearly love Sumer! She is just so much fun and great to talk to. This is a good group of kids to get together because they all play really well together. For the most part. =) You can't go an entire day and not have a couple little spats. When Jenn got to the house to pick up Jonah we told her to stay and play for awhile. Eventually her husband, Jaska joined us - so poor Nathan wasn't quite so outnumbered. We had breakfast for dinner and then colored Easter eggs. The kids LOVED doing that! I wish I had boiled more eggs! Then we had the most unorganized easter egg hunt EVER. WE just used a bunch of plastic eggs that didn't even have candy in them. Needless to say, once the kids realized they were empty the hunt sort of died. After everyone left I got the kids in bed and everything ready for the next morning.

Easter Bunny Day -

We do the Easter bunny part on Saturday so that Sunday is more Christ-centered. Anika has been so excited for the Easter Bunny to come fill her eggs with candy! We set out some carrots for the bunny to munch on and the next morning we could tell that the bunny was grateful! There were eggs everywhere! We helped the girls find there baskets and then let them loose. Keslie did much better this time around! Every once in awhile she would shake her basket and her eggs would fall out. Anika was so sweet and would run over and help her pick everything up so that they could start hunting again! Later that morning we went with some friends to an Easter Egg hunt in Farmington. It was hosted by the Humane Society so there were a lot of dogs around for the kids to pet. We also saw the Easter Bunny and the girls got there faces painted! So fun! That night I went to my friend's art show. She does amazing work! I was so proud of her! When I got home I watched ERAGON with Nathan. I don't know why I do it to myself (or Nathan). I hate watching movies after I've read the book. I just don't understand why it's so hard for the movie makers to follow the book! I understand that a movie has to be condensed but when main things are changed I get a little grumpy. Nathan has refused to see another Harry Potter movie with me. I don't think it would bother me if Nathan would just read the books! Then I wouldn't feel like I needed to explain the way it was supposed to be to him. =) Enough of that! There are GOBS of pictures in this slide show. Probably some unnecessary ones - but oh well!

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This morning we got the girls in there Easter dresses and they did not want to hold still for pictures. That is why I am in the pictures - to hold them still. =) Church was a little hectic. Keslie is at that age where she is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I had to take her out 4 times! Anika freaked out when we dropped her off at Primary. She was still freaking out at the end. I don't know why she is having such a hard time with it. We had a really yummy Easter feast tonight! We invited The Thompsons and the Krauses over to enjoy it with us. Anika was so cute! I walked into the livingroom and saw that she had set her entire picnic table for the kids! It turned out quite nice!

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I am so tired! It's been go, go, go and I'm ready for a little shut-eye! I have lots of easter egg hunt video footage that I will post tomorrow for you grandparents and anyone else that might be interested in watching them run around looking for eggs. I just don't want to upload it tonight! I hope that everyone had a GLORIOUS Easter!


Mom said...

Such a fun weekend you had. Wow, Anika in those sunglasses and her hair down--she looks like a model! Loved those beautiful Easter dresses!!!

jill s said...

such cute pictures!:)

sounds like you guys had tons of Easter fun!

wishing we had some spring weather! it's snowing here right now!


Q & A said...

Your girls look so cute! I love the pictures of you with Anika! And I really like the idea of doing baskets on Saturday - it's hard to keep the kids focused on the reason for Easter with all the candy and loot. Love the idea of leaving carrots out! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!