Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Nana!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We just want you to know how much the CT gang loves you. Thank you for being so WONDERFUL!! Hope your day is a good one!!

I'm sure everyone is getting burnt out on birthday videos but since we can't be there in person this is the best we can do!! I get a good "birthday" out of Keslie on this one and Anika is SO giggly! Her little friend Aiden is singing along. She is staying with us for a couple days. I've already taken gobs of pictures so prepare yourselves!!

Remember how I said I LOVE LOVE LOVE spring? I still do - but I was reminded of 2 things I DO NOT like.


I chose this picture because this is what I usually look like (if not worse). I'm really pathetic when the allergies take over. =)


Do these pictures strike fear to your heart like they do to mine?? I used to be afraid of cockroaches (still am - I just don't run into those much anymore) but now that I live in CT I have a serious WASP phobia - bees too - but wasps scare me to death! Seriously - I think they are a spawn from the devil himself. Did you know that they can sting over and over and then they BITE too? Pure EVIL.

Anyway - I have rediscovered my fear now that the weather has gotten warm. The bees are EVERYWHERE - they just hover over the grass waiting for someone to step on them. OR how about this - yesterday when I was cleaning my windows a big bumble bee flew right up to the other side of the window and just stared at me - I about jumped right out of my pants. We always have a few bees and wasps that manage to get into the house - I don't know if they find cracks in the house or come down the chimney or just fly in when the door is open but I wish they would realize that they are not welcome. Especially when I am SHOWERING!! Could they please not fly into my showers?? They know how scared I am of them. The cockroaches knew too - thats why they all chase me. Oh well enough of my ramblings. One last thing - please feast your eyes on this lovely mini wasp nest we found last year in the girl's window (inside). I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about it.


Mindy P. said...

I HATE bees and wasps too. They scare me to death.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved my happy birthday song. It was so adorable. I love the CT gang, especially my 2 little princesses.
Nana W

Brittney said...

Oh my goshe that movie was so cute but I made the mistake of watching it with brayton. we just watched it literally 10 times and he is crying right now cuz I am writing this and not letting him watch it. so we will probably watch it some more. But so cute and the wasp thing oh my gosh!!!!!! No thank you I am just as terrified. well love you.

Summers Camp said...

Oh man, I wish I had a picture of the been nest we found in my bay window, also inside! But I think I would spare you since you do hate them so, and I don't want to strike fear into that pretty little heart of yours!

But I will leave you with this question: were you ever stung by a scorpion? I think I'd take bees/wasps any day over a scorpion, but that's just me...

Tessa said...

britt do you remember when we were little and in sho low i think and you and heidi? were hitting wasps with raquets and they came and attacked me?! wow thats a good memory and then i got soaked in good experience right there