Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa!

We hope that you had a happy day! We miss you and wish we could have been there to celebrate! We did have a little celebration in honor of you! We love you!! Here are some Birthday songs for you!

Today was a Primary activity day and Anika had a grand time! All the kids got a little pot with soil and then some flower seeds! We'll see if her thumb is a little greener than mine! Actually - I don't have a problem getting things to grow - it's keeping the flowers/veggies alive once they do!

Anika is such a crack up to us! A lot of times she won't eat her snacks when we give them to her - she likes to play with them and hide them in things. Inevitably Keslie will find it and eat it and then we have real drama! But, it was so cute last night. I peeked into the office and saw Anika putting her fruit snacks to bed. Each one she would pick up and say goodnight sweetie and then kiss it! I've got a video that I am going to upload (Google video has crashed for the moment) - it will probably be a little boring to most - but if you are interested in hearing Anika sing some really random stuff and seeing Kes rock-a-bye her baby then check it out!

Keslie has never been a mouth kisser. When we tell her to kiss us she leans her head in so that we kiss her forehead or cheek - but never her lips. - until yesterday! All of the sudden she is totally into smooching! Her kissy face is the cutest! She's such a monkey! Seriously - she sticks her lips out THAT far!

Here is Anika helping with Papa's birthday cake.

Anika, Keslie, Aiden, and Brooks being silly.

So - Nathan and I were talking about where we wanted to end up after we finished school and he mentioned that we could work for the army for a couple years in Germany. At first I said NO WAY - but then I got thinking about it. That would be quite the fun little adventure! Don't you think? And only for a couple years...

Anyway - I KNOW I have more stories to tell but my mind is a blank! I'll try and post something tomorrow!


Cam and Afton West said...

Keslie looks adorable in those pictures! Love the hair!....and those luscious lips!

Summers Camp said...

Just so you know, you're not the only one who WAS totally averse to the idea of going into the military! We've thought about Brad going into the JAG... but I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to go somewhere so far from home (although Germany is beautiful, and that's how Brad was born there...)! Yeah, I'm a home-body!

But, back to the military... at first I was freaked out because in my mind, things can only get worse in the ways of wars and the world. And I didn't like the thought of having my man out there, you know? But then, I realized that why not get him in there now, in the JAG, where he'd be relatively safe, get out in five years, and then if there ever is a third world war, then he won't be deployed (where they'd see the real action), but instead he'd be placed back in as an officer in the JAG. Do you get what I'm saying?

Anyway, just know that you're not alone in your thought process! Haha! A friend of ours is currently in the JAG and they're over in Japan and loving life! If you want to read about them and their ways of life in the military, they're listed under my befriended list, and they're the Snow Globe crew.

Uh, long enough comment for ya'??? :)

PS- and yes, the whole helping you out with your school debts is what keeps our minds from writing it off completely... ;)

Anonymous said...

umm i think not that you will movethat far from me. havent you tortured me enough? i tell you grief you bring to me when you say those things. oh how i miss you now sheesh. i love you, kelyn