Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ahhhh - love that retail therapy!!

Hey folks! It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the girls are napping, and Nathan's studying so I thought I'd do a little update whilst I sit next to the open window!

I've lost all control! I NEED NEED NEED clothes for the girls and I can't stop buying!! Just kidding - it's not that bad. =) But the girls were in need of a few things so we went and did a little shopping yesterday. I found some awfully cute summer clothes. We went to Old Navy and The Children's Orchard and I bought a lot of stuff - most of which I am taking back. That's how I work. I buy things and then when I get home I agonize over it and decide that we don't REALLY need whatever it is I bought. So, I return it. Anyway, it doesn't matter because last night I went to a Tag Sale in RITZY Simsbury and HIT THE JACKPOT! Woohoo!! I got Anika 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of overalls, and four shirts and I got Keslie a cute little skirt that I almost bought brand new last summer at Target and a darling shirt. Oh - and a book - WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. I just love TAG SALES!! This morning we went out again and I got them the cutest matching down comforters for when they graduate to bunk beds! $5 each!! I also got a bunch of books and a couple cute clothing items. I bought ANOTHER copy of Memoirs of a Geisha - I'm still trying to figure out why I did that. Anyway - we scored big this weekend. I got the Kes myster a swimsuit at Old navy (it looks oh so cute on her) but I am thinking about exchanging it for a little one-piece that I really liked. Anyway -enough of that.

We had a fun couple of days having our little friend Aiden here. Anika can't stop talking about her. She has informed me that I am not her best friend and Keslie is NOT her best friend - Aiden is. =) The first night we had a little pajama party. Anika and Aiden took a bath and splashed all over the place and then they helped me make cookies. After that we set up the tent and made a big floor bed for them. I think they really enjoyed it. We had Aiden from Wed. to Friday so they had all sorts of fun. Dad's are the coolest. I just sat back and laughed while Nathan played with the girls. They took turns being tigers so they would come squealing around the corner with him in pursuit and then they'd trade and he'd be running from them and every time he passed me he'd do a really high-pitched scream. I was dying!

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On Thursday I took the girls to Flamig farms for plagroup. Keslie was so fun this year because now she's old enough to enjoy it. Both her and Anika fed the goats and chased the pigs. They had baby pigs just running around this time. Thank goodness the mama and daddy pigs aren't out and about. Those things are HUGE!! Here are some pictures from our trip to the farm:

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I went to a baptism today and had such a good experience.

Wish me luck - tonight I'm cutting Nathan's hair. Always a little nerve-wracking because he is so gosh darn picky!

6 more days until SPIDER-MAN 3 comes out!! I can't wait!! We are going to make a night of it - if I can find a babysitter. The GONG show is that night at the dental school so we thought maybe we'd go to that and then catch the movie. Yay!!

Bye all!


lnkmom said...

Hi, Britt-
Thought I would leave you a note, just so ya know I check in every so often! Shopping IS the best! We will have to try and go again some time.

Summers Camp said...

Oh Britt, I wish our husbands were going to graduate schools that were a little closer together! First off, LOVE Where the Wild Things Are (as it is perhaps my favorite children's book of ALL TIME!!!)! And secondly, LOVE SpiderMan! I wish we could have a Spidey party! Haha. But Brad's got finals all that week, so we might have to wait a few days, which is killing us... grr, finals, bah!

And oh my gosh, tag sales?! Where have I been? Please define exactly what they are (is it thrift stores, discount stores, garage sales, etc. I'm confused, and perhaps a little ignorant...)

Also, love the image of your husband screaming in such a child/girl-like manner, haha!

Q & A said...

I sure miss those New England tag sales. Nobody knows how to do it like they do! Great scores. I swear half of my kids' toys come from some kind of CT tag sale. Cute pics of the girls! It sounds like they had a fun few days with Aiden there.