Thursday, November 02, 2006

"What's going on here?"

That is Anika's phrase of the day. It's awfully cute and she asked me over and over. She is such a funny little thing. She's going through a funny stage where she can't make up her mind. I remember Joseph doing this when he was little. She says that she doesn't want something and I say okay, that's fine and then she FREAKS out that she wants it. It's driving me nuts! Hopefully it's a phase that won't last very long. She's also been waking up at least twice in the night and coming into our room and waking me up. Oh well, she's only this age once and it's going by way too fast!

Keslie learned two new things yesterday (11/1). She can tell us what the dog and the cow say! It's so cute! She is such a spaz! She does this goofy crawl now where she bounces her arms up and down and waves her head from side to side. It's so funny and she gets such a kick out of herself. She can also jump (!!) and climb out of the bathtub! It's so fun to watch her play peek a boo and pretend to talk on the phone. I try to keep my cell phone out of reach - but sometimes she gets to it. She's called Nathan a few times and she called Carol at 4 in the morning her time!! YIKES!

We've had a fun-filled week! It's been busy with Halloween stuff! We also had a Nacho Libre party the other night which was great! We love that movie. By the way, mom and dad, we are bringing it at Christmas time and forcing you to give it another go! It's hilarious! I got home from a Shade shirt party a little bit ago - that was loads of fun but I wish I could have bought a little bit more! Oh well! I am almost finished with season 4 of 24. I'm glad because then I can go back to being a productive person! I was thinking about it - if I've watched 4 seasons of 24 and there are 24 episodes per season and each one is about 45 minutes long - then I've almost spend 3 and a half days of my life watching this show. GOOD GRIEF!! I've got 3 more episodes to go then I'm taking a break! =) I'm off to bed!


Kelyn said...

Ohh, i miss those girlsso much. I can not believe that keslie can jump. shut up. she is a busy sort of a person. I rememmber that Joseph phase too. oh well I guess we learn tolike it with our first kids so we will get used to it by the last. don't know. anyways love you.

Tessa said...

hey britt. Its so wierd to think that keslie can walk even! but I just wanted to let ya know that I watched nacho libre three times today, so basically i have the whole movie memorized! ha. oh and I don't have advice....but to feel cool and be like you and kelyn I just want to mention that I remember that joseph stage to!:) ha