Thursday, November 09, 2006


Can you believe it?!! It was in the 60's today and we went to a fun little park/farm and I felt OVER dressed! It was a short-sleeved day for sure. I'm hoping that the weather will hold - but my friend told me that it's supposed to be down in the 30's by Sunday. I guess we'll see! Anyway - we had a fun time at Westmoor Park today. Most of the time was spent throwing rocks into a little river. Keslie was determined to get in the water. She tried fooling me by laying down on her belly and then scooting backwards - it was so funny! She was pretty angry that she couldn't have her way. It was definitely time for naps by the time we left. Anika threw a big tantrum and she got in trouble. I hate getting after her and I esecially don't like it when it's in front of people. She's such a sweetie. I made an appt. for her to get a haircut. She's had a trim before - but this one is going to be the real thing! It isn't for a few weeks - but I'll share some pictures when it's done. Well - I've gotta run! I've got lots to do!

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