Monday, November 13, 2006


Grandma Kivett said...

I love to eat the crust with a PB&J but with a meat sandwich I like to leave it off!!! You are a darling mom and that's why your children say sweet and gentle things. If they ever say naughty things we will just blame daddy:)They mirror what they hear you say. Now once they start school...UGH! Lucky and blessed little girls! I love you all, Mom

aunt kimmie said...

I love hearing the cute and funny things Anika says. It will be really fun when Keslie starts to really talk and then you can post their conversations.

I'll never forget the Christmas that Missy and Kiki were 18 mos and 3 years old. We were driving around looking at Christmas lights. Kiki was so excited she was yelling "ightes, ightes!" Missy piped up and said "no, Kiki, they're not ights they're whites!" LOL