Monday, November 13, 2006

What's the big deal with eating the crust anyway?! I was trying to force feed Anika her peanut butter and jelly crust (I usually don't make her because I don't like it either) and I found myself saying things like "it's the best part!!" and "the crust has all the important nutrients!" - you know the sayings. Anyway - I listened to myself say it and then realized how totally ABSURD it was! It's definitely NOT the best part. Everybody knows that the best bite of a sandwich does not include even a portion of the crust! AND I don't know for sure - but I doubt that when the bread is baking all the nutrients just head on over to the crust. I'm thinking that my kids are going to get plenty of the good for you stuff just by eating the middle. It is 100% whole wheat after all! I guess I'm not a very good example. I eat the crust on my meat sandwiches - but NEVER on a PB&J. I can't be a hypocrite, so just so you know my kids will never be forced to eat the crust again.

We've had a pretty good day. I watched my friends boys this morning and Anika had a ball. Keslie wasn't very pleased when I paid attention to George, but I guess that's the life of a one year old. I'm really excited for when our church gets moved to 9:00. This 2:00 thing is for the birds! By the time we get home we have a couple of tired, hungry girls. In Primary we worked on the program that we will be doing next week. It should be fun! Everyone I talk to says that it magically comes together on the actual day of the program. I'll let you know how it goes.

On Saturday we had Anika's friend Riley over for the day. They had SOO much fun! Then later that night I took Anika and Keslie to the Puppy Center to look at the puppies. Anika picked one for each of us. The whole time Keslie sat there squealing and Uff uffing. Then we picked Nathan up from school and went to a pottery auction. We have a friend that is in the art school at the University of Hartford, so she invited us. There were some really neat things. I wish that we could have afforded to buy some! Then we went to Petco and they have these mini carts for little kids and they are so cute! Anika pushed Keslie around for about an hour. We want to get Anika a little pet - we were thinking about getting a guinnea pig. We've heard that they are nice. Quick! Someone talk me out of it!!

Keslie says "nigh night" now! She's getting quite the vocabulary! If she keeps it up she'll be saying 10 words by the weekend! =) Anika says so many funny things that I can't even begin to type them all up so I will just share one. The other day Anika was getting in her pj's and Nathan told her that Grammy had made them for her. She said "OHHHH. That was so sweet of her!" She is just so nice! =) The pictures are of Anika and Riley. In the first on I said "Raise your hand if your cute!" and so that is why Anika's hand is raised.

Anyway - I'm just ever so curious to know who actually visits my blog so leave a comment for pete's sake! haha!! See ya!


jill s said...

i read your blog!:)

just don't always post!


Q & A said...

Well, you know I read and I try to post once in awhile. I love seeing your kids and occassionally other faces that I recognize in your pictures. We sure miss our friends in CT! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

I check it faithfully.....remember, I said you needed to post daily so I had something to read during those nightly feedings! Luckily, those are gone now! But we do check it often! Your fam is sure cute!

Mindy P. said...

I read! And I think your post about crust is very funny. By the way guinea pigs stink. Literally. At least they did when we had them when I was little. They didn't last long, we couldn't take the smell.