Thursday, August 01, 2013

Papa's 60th Birthday Surprise Reunion Party

That was quite the lengthy title! The WHOLE West family came to our house for Dad's 60th birthday in April! It was so fun to have everyone together. It was perfect timing because Dad ended up needing a bone marrow transplant in June and travelling is out of the question for awhile. We had such a great time celebrating him and getting reacquainted! On Saturday we were able to have family pictures taken and have a Hawaiian themed birthday party. The decorations were so fun! Our food table even sported a grass skirt! I loved the pictures that we strung along the gazebos. We all had fun looking at them and taking a trip down memory lane. I love hearing West family stories. =) My favorite "decoration" was the Hawaiian shirts! Every single one of us put on our shirts while he was taking a little snooze and when he came out there we were! He always wears these kinds of shirts so we didn't even have to tell him to go put one on! It was a great weekend (even if everyone did get a tummy bug on the last day!). I love my family. Here are a bunch of pictures from our weekend in no particular order. I'm going to put Dad's video that we made for his fundraising video at the end because I love it! I love his big, jolly smile! Happy 60th birthday Dad West! We love you soooooo much! Here is the birthday boy:

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