Thursday, August 01, 2013

May 2013

We love May because it means we will get to have our Cinco De Mayo fiesta! Mexican food is my favorite and the kids get SO excited about the pinata! 

Here are some of the kiddos making their candy bags:

For some reason all of my pinata pictures turned out blurry! Here is Brenan to prove we did it though! 

Cute kids! 

Then there is Mother's Day to look forward to. =) Nathan and the kids took great care of me. Here I am with my little lovies. 

After church they gave me the spa treatment. Foot massage, pedicure, hair brushing. Awesome. =) 

The end of school countdown begins and they start bringing cute stuff home from school. I really like this one of Kes:

Sawyer ripped her nail off and it looked like a zombie finger for a few days. Yuck! I can't believe it didn't bother her more. She didn't even cry about it! 

We set up the slip n' slide for the first time!

My pretty flowers in the front yard were in full bloom! Love them. 

We also bought a new hard pool - it seems like each year we buy a new one. It's amazing the kind of fun they can have in this little thing. I wish there was a mommy sized one! 

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