Thursday, August 01, 2013

June Randoms

There weren't too many pictures from June! We did a lot of playing in the pools and baking and relaxing. We canned a whole bunch of food! That was fun! 

Anika really wanted to make pretzels so we took on that baking project one day while Keslie was playing at a friend's house. =) 

Anika is my nature loving, bug loving, animal loving child. She caught this cute lizard. I told her that she better not drop it in the house and to take it back outside. Yeah. She dropped it. We couldn't find it anywhere so I just gave up. Then I went walking into the living room and there it was staring at me from the couch! Haha! Anika managed to catch it again. I think we will keep lizards outside from now on! =) 


Amber said...

Oh my, your girls are so cute! Great job on all the canning. Can you share your pretzel recipe? They look delicious!

Sharla said...

Sounds like a great June... except for the lizard! Man that was a big guy! I guess that's what you get when you live in the country! ;)