Wednesday, May 08, 2013

March 2013

There have been some exciting things happening in the Kivett family!

*Little sis, Alyssa, left to serve a mission for 18 months.
*Tess and Addison had their first baby - Ryker.
*Joseph received his mission call and will be leaving this summer.
*Kel found love again and got married and moved far, far away and is the mom of SIX kids now!
*Kasey and Amber got accepted to lotsa dental schools! Go Kase! 
*Britt and Dusty will be moving and he will start CRNA school! Go Dusty! 
*Mom and Dad went on a trip to Israel. 

I am SO lucky and was able to go up to Idaho for Kelyn's wedding, Ryker's baby blessing, and Samuel's baptism. It could not have worked out better. 

Instead of a movie the night before the wedding, we went and played laser tag! Joseph loves us. I can tell because he's biting his tongue and that's what I do when I'm overwhelmed with love for my kids. =) 

Ambs, Joseph, and Me:

Here is our crazAY group!  It's cracking me up how Joseph is making the face in the smiling picture and then being all GQ in the dorky one! Haha! 
So, we've got Kelyn, Morgan, and Hailey, Joseph, Brett, Kensi, Brandon, Brittney, Dusty, Amber, Me, Hannah, Carlie, and Kasey.

Hannah and Kelyn

Mustache fun! 

Hailey - Kelyn's new oldest daughter. =)

He fits right in to our crazy family. =) 

Just married. Aren't they the cutest?! I am so happy that they found each other. It's a pretty cool story and everyone that hears it knows that they are meant to be together. He has 3 girls and she has the 3 boys so it is like the Brady Bunch! =) Samuel's baptism was so special. He is such a precious boy. Many happy tears were shed for this sweet family that day. Love you guys! 

Here are Addison, Tessa, and Ryker on his blessing day. He is the cutest, little dude with some seriously cool hair! I'm happy I got to love on him and Brigham and Raylee and Brayton and Kelyn's boys and meet our new nieces! It's fun to be an Aunt. =) 

We had a much needed girl's night out! Lots and lots of laughing! I know, it would have taken 2 seconds to fix the red eye. Oh well! Haha! 

Annual Spring Party/Easter Egg Hunt! The kiddos had a grand time riding our ghetto power wheels, blowing bubbles, and coloring with chalk outside. It was a lovely day. 

Indoors we worked on our grasshead guys and bunny ears! 

We had QUITE the potluck! Lots of yummy food. =) 

And the best part - the Easter Egg Hunt! 
Here they are getting ready!

And gobs more from the hunt:

Bren and Paxton disappeared and we found them chowing down on candy upstairs. Sneaky weekies. 

Moms are cool. It was a fun party! 

Anika made bunny ears for our whole family and a few other lucky individuals. Sawyer and Bren were very proud of them! 

The weather has been lovely! The kids love riding their bikes and scooters, shooting some hoops and playing with chalk. They are begging to get out the water stuff and I am trying to hold them off for a bit. The days for sitting in little swimming pools will be here soon enough!

We had a mommy bunny and her babies living in our backyard for awhile. One day we found two of the babies in our garage!! Aren't they adorable?!

Sawyer straight out of the tub. I love a fresh, crazy bath hair! 

Keslie made a planet for her school project. I think it was Venus! Nathan helped her do all the paper mache' and the painting and the clouds over the weekend I was in Idaho. 

We visited my Friend's chickens. They are so cute. Someday, I will have chickens in my backyard. =) 

Easter Bunny Day! They were so excited to wake up and find their baskets and the eggs hidden throughout the house! They each got an outdoor toy (jump ropes, a ball, and bubbles) and gobs of candy. They were super excited to try Pop Rocks for the first time! 

Sawyer knew just what to do with those peeps. 
And the chocolate. Haha!

After they finished gorging on their Easter candy, we headed to the primary activity for a delicious breakfast and games and another hunt! 
Anika and Keslie had fun running in the "don't drop the egg!" relay!

They got their faces painted. 

Busy loading up his basket with eggs. 

That night we colored our eggs and had a great time doing it. 

For Easter breakfast we ate "Resurrection Rolls" and talked about Jesus and his Resurrection. I love this tradition. 

Showing us that the tomb is empty! 

Then they got all dolled up for church in their new church clothes! Anika had to have this dress - it's BLUE (her favorite) and more leafy than flowery (she is not a fan of flowery clothing!).

I'm sad I didn't get a picture of the back of Keslie's hair. We did the basket weave and it was so cute! Her dress is my favorite this year. =)

My cute buddy:

She did NOT want to look at the camera and smile so we got the pouty lips, chubby cheek picture instead. Don't you just want to much on those cheeks?! 

It was a great Easter season with lots of opportunities to talk about why we celebrate Easter and what's Christ's resurrection means for us. I am so grateful for his sacrifice and example. Happy spring everyone!


Nicole said...

That was oober long, but I hung in there to the very end ;-) Aren't kids fun? They make every holiday so great. Love seeing your house in the background. It looks beautiful.

Charly said...

Fantastic pictures!!!