Thursday, May 02, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012/2013

We partied with the Soters' this year and it was a blast! Little did we know it would be our last big hurrah before they up and moved to Utah. =( Yes. It's a loss I have not yet come to grips with. We love and miss them! New Year's Eve was so much fun! The Soters' brought a bunch of prizes and the kids played bingo and won GOBS of fun stuff! Here are a few pictures of our cuties. I didn't get as many as I thought I had! Oh well.

After bingo, we had the 10 o' clock version of the countdown. The kids all got their mini root beers and we ate lots of food. I love all of these little people. Even Matthew with that finger up his nose! Little stinker! Haha!

The Soyster was there too. =) I love those floppy piggie tails! 

 These girls were so excited to be having a sleepover. 

After the kids were settled down we whipped out Just Dance in an effort to stay awake and not have a repeat of last year (we could hardly keep our eyes open past 11!). Here we are busting some of our sweet moves!

The we popped open the IBC Root Beers! Love that stuff. It's extra fun because we only let ourselves buy it once or twice a year. Happy 2013 everyone! 

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