Monday, April 23, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

This was our 3rd spring in Texas and we finally got around to getting some pictures with the beautiful bluebonnets! This spring has been absolutely breathtaking. It's so green and there are wildflowers everywhere! Anyway, here are my cuties surrounded by the Texas state flower! 

 Sawyer wasn't very cooperative. These pictures do a good job of showing how she felt about the whole thing. Haha!

 I know - how did I miss that hair in Anika's face?!! 
 These girls are the best of friends and I think these pictures do a good job showing how much they love each other. 

 They were all thrilled when they discovered that ladybugs were crawling all over the flowers and had to catch a few! 

 Brenan is so hilarious! I love the absolute joy on his face in these pictures.

 Pretty much it's all I can do to not smother them all with mommy kisses every second! 

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