Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break

We had kind of a crazy spring break. =) We started it off by sending Nathan off to CHINA!! I admit I was a little bit doomsday about the trip. I was sure his plane was going to crash and sink into the depths of the ocean. Luckily, he survived and will be sharing all of his fun experiences from the trip in another blog post. Here are my cuties right before we left for the airport:
A lot of these pictures were taken with my phone so I'm sorry if they are a little fuzzy!
 The next morning we packed up our van and got ready for a mini trip to San Antonio. Our drive should have taken 4 hours but ended up being 6.5 because of the poring rain. It was ok though - we were all just so excited to see our friends! Heather was so nice to let us stay at her house and Aaron was so great and volunteered to watch all the kids so that we could go on a girl's night out. What a champ! It was fun to see the girl's and catch up on all the latest and greatest San Antonio news. 
Amber, Me, Celeste, Heather, Nanci, Jordan
 We went to our old ward which ended up being a little bit weird for me - it's always a little awkward to go back after you've left. Not sure why. But it was so fun to see some old familiar faces! Heather fed us a delicious dinner and the kids had fun playing together. After we put them to bed we enjoyed watching PROM. Haha - just a little bit cheesy! 
Keslie, Anika, Hallie, Peyton, and Brenan 
(they did not want to look at the camera - probably because of the sun!) 

On Monday I took the kids out for breakfast and then we headed to Seaworld. It wasn't the best day ever. The kids were whiny. I was grumpy. Fits were thrown and we almost packed it up and headed home. Haha! After attempting to go to IHOP and Brenan having an embarrassing meltdown and me loading them all back into the van and me having and even more embarrassing meltdown we all made up and had quite the enjoyable breakfast at The Egg and I. 
I knew it was spring break and that Seaworld would be a little busier than usual  but I was not prepared for the masses of people that were there! It was INSANE!! All the shows were packed  and we weren't even able to get seats. I had forgotten swim suits and sunscreen so they couldn't even run around in the splash pad area without getting their clothes all wet. Keslie decided it was worth it to cool off! Crazy little thing. =) 
We made into one show - AZUL - which happens to be my favorite! It's the one with dophins, beluga whales, birds, and acrobats. And it's funny to boot! We loved it even though we were in the very front. Here  are the kids enjoying their cotton candy while waiting for the show to start. 

 And baby girl was there too! =) 

 After we got back from Seaworld and got the kids in bed I got to watch the Bachelor finale with all the girls! Ashley even made it up from Corpus Christi! Sweet reunion! 
Me, Ashley, Amber, Heather, and Celeste

 I woke up to Brenan coughing and then puking so we got up and out the door in hopes of not spreading any sick bugs. I felt SO terrible!! Why is it that a kid ALWAYS gets sick when we go on trips?? The drive home was the pits - Mcdonalds made me super grumpy by burning our egg mcmuffins and not cooking my oatmeal and charging me for water. Then about 2.5 hours into the trip Brenan threw up ALL OVER the place. It was disgusting and stinky. Poor guy. We laid low for a couple days and then met up with some friends at our favorite park. 

 We wrapped the week up with rainbow jello for St. Patrick's day and Easter clothes shopping and lunch at the mall. We were all happy to see Nathan waiting on the curb at the airport for us that night! It was a fun week but we missed him. =) 
Here they are enjoying their jello! 

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