Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Playgroup

We try to have a fun Easter playgroup every year (as long as I'm not in my first trimester - my motivation goes out the window at that point!) and make grass head guys, have an egg hunt and eat yummy food! 
Working on the project:
 Picnicking in the back yard
 Steph and little Miss Mckayla at her first ever Easter playgroup! =) 
Due to a couple surprise fire ant piles we decided to have the hunt inside. Bummer! I think the kids still had a good time! Here they are enjoying their candy after all the eggs were found. =) The timing was amazing. Everyone was loading up to head home when the HUGE storm rolled in. The one that had me in tears that our home and my kids were going to be swept away by a tornado. FUN! Gotta love living in tornado ally! 

 Here is Brenan's grass head guy a couple weeks late. He's got quite the head of hair! Time for a trim. =) 

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