Monday, February 20, 2012

Girl's Bunk Beds/New Furniture

We tackled this project right before we moved so I am just barely getting around to posting about it! They are the same beds as Brenan's except we did an arch to make them more girly and used 2x4s for the legs rather than 4x4s. We also discovered that as much as we loved the hardware that makes the side rails come apart easily it made for some very squeaky beds. That's been remedied and now they are perfect! Well, except that they are still missing a ladder and guardrail. Oh well! 

 We also refinished the dresser that we had been using in our room. It was Nathan's when he was a kid! 
Nathan and I lived out of boxes for a few months before we finally got our own bedroom furniture. We absolutely LOVE what we got! I'm still giddy about it 3 months later!
This isn't our bedroom, just the stock photo. Anyway, isn't it pretty?!

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